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    Fitting lowering springs

    Hi looking to have some lowering springs fitted in Sheffield on my 2012 a5 s line been quoted in the region of 250-400 which I think is extortenate anyone know a cheaper place in Sheffield?
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    a4 b7 airbag light

    my airbag light is always on red in my a4 b7 55 plate i have looked at the yellow plugs under the seats the drivers side is connected but on the passenger side the plug is cut and two wires brown and blue justb floating under my seat. could this be why my airbag light is permenantly on. i have...
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    Few quick questions :)

    I don't know about the cruise control it was on when I bought the car I didn't notice it didn't work until after and when I text the bloke he said it did work before :/ I'm lowered I believe 100mm rear 80mm front will more than likely just run 19s tbh due to prices of tyres nowadays
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    Few quick questions :)

    Hi all I have a b7 saloon 2.0tdi 2006 it has a cruise control stalk fitted but doesn't work been plugged into diagnostics and no errors so kinda scratching my head with it anyone know what I should do Also will I be able to run 20" alloys I'm on coilovers lowered
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    changing front bumper?

    I've got a b7 2.0tdi 2005 se wondering if the sline front bumper is a straight fit is there anything else I need to buy
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    wanted b7 a4 front bumper

    Hello all wanting a front bumper for my a4 its an se but looking for sline or other aftermarket bumper