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    Stiff door handle

    For anyone else reading this.... my 5dr a3 is now 11 years old and all the handles are starting to stiffen up. The passenger handle no longer springs down & needs to be manually pushed back down for the door to be able to close. i bought a replacement handle part & replaced it today. Basically...
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    rear view mirror removal

    Well that sucks. Now have a broken windscreen with broken rear view mirror still attached. And to top it all - just 3pft insurance cover. Me feels this might be an expensive ride.
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    Resetting airbag lights without VAGCOM

    ^^^^ Ha - yep that'll be the reason I couldn't be doing with the whole 'cracked' / eBay route! What a palava! Glad you've got the time & IT skills for it all! But that's the point of this thread. Cheap easy basic diagnosis without having to deal with IT intricacies!
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    Resetting airbag lights without VAGCOM

    Thanks for your replies. Reason for buying this was for a quick & easy reset. Having read about the neverending sagas of cheap cables from eBay failing to connect I thought this a tidier solution. Would like to know more about the £12 VAGCOM
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    rear view mirror removal

    Anyone know how? I've got a busted auto dimming mirror and a replacement from eBay. Looking at the replacement it looks like it snap-fits on. But I've given the old one a firm tug - trying to pivot the mirror up towards the roof lining - but it just feels like I'm going to pull the windscreen...
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    Resetting airbag lights without VAGCOM

    Had a recurring airbag light fault light up a couple of times now. Had it reset by kind sould with VAG COM but haven't really felt inclined to invest in the system / laptop myself. Went for one of these tools on eBay instead. Cost just £18 plus p&p. And I've got to say - it does what it says...
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    Anyone know how to adjust doors???

    Glad to say this isn't really the case. It is a complete PITA though and requires removal of lower half of dash and IP mounting panel to gain access to 13mm hex mounting bolts inside the car & wheel arch liner for access to outer T45 screws. Used a trolley jack to assist with adjustment &...
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    Help!! Central locking pump

    fixed mine with a pump from a corrado though most VAG cars can probably yield parts. Easy fix & givem me no faults in last month since fix.
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    CentralLocking pump over-run

    Well pleased to say that the above diy fix seems to have done the job. Bought a pump from a 1992 Corrado G60, canibalised the motor & graphite pump & plumbed it in. All seems to work well with no leaks or over-run. £15 fix.
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    CentralLocking pump over-run

    Aah. 3 weeks later and Pump is now dead. Have now done some more searching and as it turns out it is quite a regular problem. Over-run probably caused by a slight leak as expected. Problem is that over-run causes pump impeller to shatter as above. Now on the hunt for replacement parts...
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    CentralLocking pump over-run

    Hi When unlocking the car via remote, everything operates as normal. But as you get in you can hear the central locking pump still whirring away for another 10 or 15 seconds. Can anyone shed any light? It's just getting annoying now!
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    water in drivers footwell

    Mine is doing this too on drivers side. 1999 1.8 SE. Carpet is wet to the squelch too. Has now had kitchen towel mopping it up for a few weeks but need a more perm solution. Will have a look this weekend. I have now had: 3x MkII golfs 1x Audi coupe 2x Corrados 1x A3 ALL leak rainwater into...
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    Sudden overcooling

    Cheers for that, I'll pop a new sensor in first rather than faf about with the stat unless it is necessary. Worthing eh? Just down the road from me in Lancing. Found anywhere local which will give decent discount on genuine parts? I've resorted to Goring VW who will give 10% for clubs. All the...
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    Sudden overcooling

    Had a problem a few months ago with a stuck thermostat. When driving the car would never heat up - only when stood still. Easy fix. Thermostat changed for a new VAG one. Since then all has been well. 5 mins of driving and it is bang on 90degrees. And there it stays regardless of speed &...
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    creamy gunk on oil filler cap

    Yup, what he\ said!:icon_thumright:
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    Cambelts...[NOT AGAIN!] might find this interesting...

    Perhaps a new record set here at Worthing Audi. Asked them to price up a cambelt change and waterpump / acc belt at same time. Apparently, according to service, the water pump is an entirely separate job & was priced separately for labour! labour - cambelt £265 labour - waterpump - £199...
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    Best place to sell my A3

    I'd put it on autotrader 'online only' version. £7.99 for 2 weeks. Its the only way I've used to sell the last few cars I've sold. FYI just bought my 99 A3 1.8 at auction for £2200 with 144K on the clock. A tatty '97 1.8t with 'unwarranted mileage' went on the same night for £2000!
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    Mrc number?

    They're busy guys. They sponsor a section over on the so you might try there. But there seem to be a few posts on there with people struggling to get through. Perseverence is the key if you want them to work on your car!
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    AGU Cambelt Replacement Guide

    Furthermore - can anyone suggest how this would differ on a standard non-turbo 1.8 SE? All the same / less ancillary removal necessary / totally different ? cheers.
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    New key problem

    Well, I've contacted the seller - a friendly breaker on another forum and they assure me it came from an identical MY A4 and it was working when it came in. As I say, same P/N so I can see no reason why it shouldn't work. But it doesn't. There seem to be lots of 3 button key fobs on the bay...