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    Rs3 to rs4

    I did last year when my RS3 got totalled. Only thing I miss is the noise, other than that greatest choice I made
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    Wanted RS3 8V Saloon

    Cheeky bump payouts in too and I’m keen like Roy to get back in one
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    Wanted RS3 8V Saloon

    Evening all, My Catalunya red saloon was written off last week and the payouts coming in tomorrow! I’m looking at getting another RS3 saloon so if anyone has one with the following and wants a quick sale, please DM me your number with your spec and price! I need one with; DAZA engine code 1...
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    Goodbye, Farewell, So Long

    That's the impression I get in the S3 vs R. Think the R is more shouty and the s3 is a little more refined.. however I'd have the S3 in a saloon over the hatch.
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    Goodbye, Farewell, So Long

    I keep looking at these. They’re so nice in blue! Did you try any of the competition beforehand?
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    Anyone caught out by "the beast from the east" ??

    Winter tyres will be on the next car even if I stick with VAG. It's a laugh with PS3's and I'm in a lot more control than I thought I would be with them on, but the assurance of winter tyres would be enough to justify it
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    Anyone caught out by "the beast from the east" ??

    I've got michelin PS3's on my B8.5 avant, didn't get stuck once and had some lethal country lanes to steam through
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    3.0 tdi maf wiring

    Sorry to resurrect an old thread but I’ve done this exact thing changing my brothers bulb today. Where did you source the connector and how much am I going to get stung
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    It is kinda VAG

    Probably one of if not the best handling 4x4's on the market. Nice buy
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    How many Previous Owners is too many??

    If it's anything like ex's you can have one that's been ridden and damaged by one or it be passed round like currency and suffer the same.. either way, you're going to have maybe one or two issues, maybe multiple. Just be prepared to enjoy the riding but be prepared should it have an episode.
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    Courtesy Cars - Best, Worst, Most Recent

    When I had mini's I was given a 1.4 ONE which wasn't too bad as I had a cooper. Then I got a clubman which developed a limp mode fault caused by the fuel filter so Sytner Harold Wood gave me a cream cabrio (the envy of many of my girl pals) and then a 116d auto which had 1 mile on it and was...
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    RS3 8V: One step at a time

    This is awesome! My mate has a mk7 Golf R running 560 done by VRS Northampton. It's absolutely insane! Best of luck with this project
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    S4 avant v Golf R estate - review

    My pal has a mk7 R hatch that's running 560BHP and it is the absolute nuts of a car!
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    One for the S4 tuners.

    Just do it man, you got nothing to lose
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    One for the S4 tuners.

    It's an S4 not a Bugatti Veyron. Just get the remap
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    '64 Lane assist not working after new windscreen

    My brother had a new windscreen fitted by autoglass at the start of July and now his lane assist isn't working on his 14/64 3.0TDI. He took it to Audi who told me it wasn't a genuine Audi screen and need £400 for a re calibration. I took it to a couple of "specialists" who tried to reset it and...
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    B8.5 S4 Problem????

    It looks like the mayo sort of stuff you'd get if it's a totaled head gasket. I think you should go to another garage to confirm and go back to Audi HQ for the mistake by your service dept
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    Traction control

    It's the tyres I put some michelin pilot sport 4's to replace the pirelli cinturato's big difference in the rain. I loved kicking the back end out when I done it on my private runway which I definitely so totally own
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    Bulldogs Avant build thread

    Well done on having working swimmers mate Car's taking great form already