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  1. Zafi

    B8.5 Sline Foglamp Surround Chinese Copy Any Good?

    Did the parts request, thanks. Still over £100. I'll keep an eye on Ebay for a good used one.
  2. Zafi

    Engine failure 2.0tdi 140 cr

    DMF failed in a dramatic way? Bumping it wont have helped!!!!
  3. Zafi

    B8.5 Sline Foglamp Surround Chinese Copy Any Good?

    I bumped into a game bird yesterday and lost my nearside foglamp surround. £135 new retail from Audi Anyone bought one of these ...
  4. Zafi

    Caught Audi Main Dealer technician speeding

    At least the engine was up to temperature. I would be really upset if they thrashed it from cold.
  5. Zafi

    Best Reversing Light Bulbs?

    I have tried LED reverse bulbs from 2 suppliers on here and they gave out less illumination than the standard filament bulbs. Bright white light to look at, but objective tests with a cardboard box on an unlit lane proved the visibility was worse. I now dab the rear brake to create loads more...
  6. Zafi

    B8 to facelift b8.5

    I converted mine in a day. Drove a 10 B8 SE into Audi Bradford, drove out with a 13 B8.5 Sline ;)
  7. Zafi

    B8.5 no dipstick, oil extraction??

    I have a dipstick, cant remember the part number but the length you need is 500ml from top of dipstick tube to centre of oil level area
  8. Zafi

    B8.5 no dipstick, oil extraction??

    No dipstick. I drop mine via the drain plug, then pour in 4.5 litres and it's bang on. Had 3 different B8 4 cylinder diesels and they all had different oil filters, so make sure you quote the vin when you buy your first one.
  9. Zafi

    S Line Special Edition 2

    Be interesting to see if your insurer can find that model on their database!
  10. Zafi

    Help Please Engine Light - DPF Malfunction

    It will come on as you are driving to an airport and go into limp mode.... that's what life is really like ;)
  11. Zafi

    Help Please Audi A4 Avant Problems

    I have owned 3 B8 multitronics, pulled trailers and done tens of thousands of miles without an issue. Oil change at 3 years/60,000 miles does make them smoother.
  12. Zafi

    Winter is upon us...

    Sell the Transit and S4 and buy a new T5 ;)
  13. Zafi

    Front Indicator Bulbs

    I doubt they are Audi specific
  14. Zafi

    B8.5 S Line TDI Values

    I put in the details of GM14VKX 14 sline avant off ebay into the Audi website. With 40000 miles the values came back as £13,200*Excellent condition, £12,450*Good condition, £11,750*Average condition. Like I say, the dealers were happy to give me the Excellent condition valuation for my car when...
  15. Zafi

    B8.5 S Line TDI Values

    What value does yours come back at? Its so similar to mine was a year ago, yours is a year newer so effectively the same age and miles as mine was last year. Should be a similar value??
  16. Zafi

    Failed MOT (1) Headlight Range Control

    If they are HID I think the self leveling needs to work for MOT
  17. Zafi

    Inlet air temps

    Just thought ...... I run with the fuse for my port pulled out.....
  18. Zafi

    Cambelt issue 2.0 Tdi 140

    Yup, they use fear to make you part with more cash. I got a call while a car was in for service, they said the brake pads were 65% worn and should be changed. I said dont bother, there is 35% left! When it came back I checked the pads and they were half worn if that!