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    A sneaky peak

    Not the best , and was taken with iPhone but it might interest someone . Brazil 15 ,race has finished waiting outside FIA garage for scrutineering
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    lambo huracan 200mph crash apologies if this has already been seen , or is in wrong place some very lucky people to walk away from that shame about the car !!
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    gyeon detailing products

    I have some gyeon products in classifieds
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    anyone running a S3 with smf in kent / south east

    as above really . looking at clutch options for the S3 and would like to hear how bad the idle chatter is on a smf cheers
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    few pics from yesterday

    and a little bit of water !
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    gear stick trim surround panel

    Afternoon people Does anyone know if the manual gearstick trim surround panel is compatible with a DSG equipped car ? or if not can they be modified to fit ? manual part number 8P0 864 261 DSG part number 8P0 864 261 K ta
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    audi sport sticker query

    hi not sure where to post this or who to direct it to , but here goes I ordered 2 frosted external window stickers . these have arrived ............ problem being 1 is in colour and 1 is frosted , how do i go about getting exchange ? thanks john
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    help required not car related !

    hi all this is an unusual one but hopefully someone on here might have a solution. couple of weekends ago me and mate are out on motorbikes , out in middle of nowhere he notices a rear puncture , we pull over inspect tyre nasty 1 cm slit in middle of tread , call AA and get told because its a...
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    hi all this may be a silly question to ask but ...... i have just picked up a 59 a3 2.0 tfsi ibis white black edition , now the sales man was rather pleased to anounce the car has had this superguard paint protection carried out , and indeed there is a sticker displaying this fact on the...
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    heated mirror help ?

    hi all need a little diagnostic help , scanned my car today , A3 2.0 tdi 56 plate found this fault code : Address 42: Door Elect, Driver Labels: 8P0-959-801-MAX2.lbl Part No: 8P0 959 801 G Component: Tuer-SG 020 0110 Coding: 0000560 Shop #: WSC 06314 000 00000...
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    Black Country Communion

    We went to see B.C.C at the shepherds bush empire last night. a supurb show a truly great band , Joe Bonamassa is a legend in the making , made that guitar sing the show ended with the deep purple cover " burn " ears are still ringing , sign of a good night !:faint:
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    more scum bags around

    went to bluwater today ( i know my own fault :ohmy: ) was in there just over an hour around mid day ish . came out , car was parked in the front open air car park , walked up to the car and realised something not right. drivers side mirror hanging down , no glass passenger side half split...
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    part number request please

    hi , anyone with access to ekta ? i require a part number for: exhaust gas pressure sensor , for a 56 a3 20 tdi 170 engine code bmn thanks
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    help with coding

    hi there i have retro fitted a rnse to my 56 a3 , that has mfsw and gsm bluetooth factory fitted i ordered a kufatec adaptor quadlock plug and its up and running . have done a vcds scan and there are a number of faults all regarding coding of units i have had a look at the coding , but to...
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    Symphony II to concert

    hi i have just bought a 2006 a3 that has bose Im not that impressed with the looks of the symphony double din unit can i swap to the concert with no issues ? would the new concert have to be a specific bose only model ? thanks for any help offerd
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    Intake manifold flap

    hi , audi a3 2.0 tdi 04 on way to work this morning the yellow engine light lit up on dash and has stayed on . done a scan and this has come up ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Address 01: Engine Labels: 03G-906-016-BKD.lbl Part No SW: 03G 906...
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    good camp sites near nurburgring

    hi all any of you peeps used or can recomend a campsite near to the ring or surrounding area ?
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    A3 suspension

    Hi all at dpm , tried website and its not working at the mo so . . . . can you give me recomendations and prices for shocks and springs for a 2004 a3 2.0 tdi sport , have got 55mm front shocks . i cant go much lower than s line spec due to **** roads price to include postage and the dreaded...
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    retro fitting hids

    as per title , i am planning on retro fitting the xeons to a 53 a3 2.0 tdi are there any vag com settings that i will need to change ?
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    trace this fault code ?

    hi , scaned friends skoda octavia mk 1 this fault code appeared Wednesday,12,March,2008,17:11:40:12792 VAG-COM Version: Release 704.1 Data version: 20071016 Chassis Type: 1U - Skoda Octavia I Scan: 01 02 03 08 15 16 17 19 29 35 36 37 39 46 56 76 Mileage: 251640km/156361miles...