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  1. Ken76

    Symbols on dash

    Does anyone know what the 3 key like symbols mean above the outside temperature reading are when you start the ignition??
  2. Ken76

    My Audi app

    Should my car always be connected to the app if set up right?
  3. Ken76

    My Audi help

    Hi I have a data sim in my car now and the menu seem ok but when I try to connect it keeps saying the following....cannot connect to Audi servers? Any ideas?
  4. Ken76

    Tyre pressure for 245/35zr20 95w

    Hi does anyone know what the pressure should be for the above tyre? Thanks
  5. Ken76

    Mmi is confusing me

    I have my car a few weeks now and recently is says no data connection on the mmi I have tried different things to no avail to get it working, so I need to purchase a data sim? If so what would everyone recommend?
  6. Ken76

    Data for mmi help

    Hi I’ve just download my Audi, I have the 8 digit code to link to the car and I have the key code that you scratch off. It has came up in the car that I don’t have a data connection, I contacted Audi to see if I had a licence which I do (runs out in June next year) so I thought that because I...
  7. Ken76

    MMI connect help.

    Do you need to buy a data sim to use MMI or can I use the data through my phone? I have purchased the key code required as well but need help to sort it out. Many thanks
  8. Ken76

    Changing wheels and tyres please advise

    Hi I currently have 20” rims with 245/35r20 tyres I was going to change to 19” rims 8.5j 8j with yr falken 435s tyres being 245/35r19 my question is that because of the reduction of rim size should I go with a tyre with more of a side wall and if so what would you guys recommend? I don’t want...
  9. Ken76

    What are standard wheel sizes?

    Does anyone know the standard wheel sizes for a 2016 2.0 se ultra tdi (b9)?
  10. Ken76

    Deciphering my tyres?

    Hi all the tyres on my car read 245/35ZR2095w extra load Am I right I’m saying the following 245 = the width 35 = the aspect ratio Z = ? R20 = construction and rim diameter 95W = load and speed rating could someone tell me if the above is correct and if so what the Z means. Thankyou.
  11. Ken76


    Hi all is there a way to find out how much adblue is in your car??
  12. Ken76

    What bhp is my a4 it doesn’t say In log book?

    Hi I have a 2016 Audi A4 B9 2.0 SE Ultra TDI Does anyone know the bhp for that model?? Thanks
  13. Ken76

    Wrong tyres?

    Could someone advise me when I purchased my B9, 20” wheels where an added extra the tyres put on where compasal smacher 245/35zr2095w extra load so they look like the photo below. Can someone decipher that tyre for me as the rims arent protected.
  14. Ken76

    Driving modes??

    2016 B9 Driving modes what do they actually do?
  15. Ken76

    Poll for wheel sizes

    Wanting to change my wheels but not sure what size to go for don’t want anything too skimpy round the wheel arches but added protection for the rims, heads melted just can’t decide.
  16. Ken76

    Downsizing wheels from 20”

    Hi I am thinking about downsizing my wheels but not sure to go with 18s or 19s my A4 is black but again not sure what kind, type or colour of wheels to go that would really set it off, has anyone any good suggestions?? I’d really appreciate any help or advice. Thanks!!
  17. Ken76

    What size wheels have you got?

    Hi all I curious to know the most common size of alloys you all have.
  18. Ken76

    Wrong tyres put on? Help and advice

    When I purchased my A4 it can with 20” wheels but I have noticed that the rims stick out a fraction from the tyres surely this can’t be right? Any advice would be appreciated
  19. Ken76

    My A4

  20. Ken76

    Are my tyres wrong for my alloys?

    When I purchased my car it came with 20” alloys but I have noticed the rim sits out further than the tyre what’s everyone think? Advice would be appreciated