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  1. doogleman

    BKE Engine - Bucked

    Was drivin along on saturday and bang, somethin went inside the engine. likely dropped a valve or broke a conrod. Waiting to find out. Is there any known issues with this 115bhp engine?
  2. doogleman

    Survey for Mechanics - RE: Diagnostic Technologies

    bump. Any mechanics, please take part as I am under pressure to get participants. Thank You.
  3. doogleman

    Survey for Mechanics - RE: Diagnostic Technologies

    Hi Guys, I am currently in the final year of a distance learning masters degree in DCU and am doing my dissertation on the development and standardisation of vehicle diagnostic systems. I have made up a survey to get opinions from automobile technicians regarding this subject and need...
  4. doogleman

    1.9TDI Loosing Boost Power

    Hi Guys, No remap and got vag-com result as follows.... 16683 - Boost Pressure Regulation: Control Range Not Reached P0299 - 000 - - Still have to get onto lift to properly check pipes and will check maf sensor connector as suggested..
  5. doogleman

    1.9TDI Loosing Boost Power

    Hi Guys, Have a 05 1.9tdi losing boost power altogether intermittently. A recycle of the ignition seems to rectify most times. I have yet yo get it onto vag com but I am fairly sure there is no leak on any of the pipes or anything like that. Any ideas or known issues please? Cheers in...
  6. doogleman

    1.9TDI 115BHP - Smokey Exhaust

    Hi All, Sold the B6 130BHP and bought a B7 115BHP. Love the car but noticed the back of the car getting quite black. I had this in the B6 one time and it turned out to be a pipe going to the turbo was cracked. Looked at the pipes on this yoke thinking it would be the same problem but no obvious...
  7. doogleman

    Dashboard problems

    Possibly blew something with the jump? Seen it before. Did you check your fuses?
  8. doogleman

    Bluetooth Kit

    Hi There, The only thing I would watch for is that the handset cradle is not too close to the head-unit. With my fathers professionally fitted one in his Passat, it is in a pretty standard place to the left of the head-unit. When it rings, connects to a new cell and mid-call you get very loud...
  9. doogleman

    Engine Splash Guard - Where to Buy??

    Hi Guys, I am having real problems with my B6 A4 not having an engine splash guard. It was not on the car when I bought it and I never thought much of it. When it is wet though and you drive through any kind of puddle it wets the fan belt, the battery light comes on and you lose power brakes...
  10. doogleman

    great look kit

    kinda like a spaceage quattro kit!! :think:
  11. doogleman

    Key fob

    after the battery is replaced they fob may have to be reprogrammed to the car. this can be done by using vag-com handy enough.
  12. doogleman

    key problem

    must be a problem on the car end so. something to do with whatever device detects the immobiliser chip in the key intermittently not detecting correctly. If its happening on both keys Id say the keys are fine. Anyone ever have this before?
  13. doogleman

    key problem

    Hi, sorry for taking so long to come back to ya. Checked that and you're correct, there is only a part number on the remote section which you need to match up but the immobiliser is generic.
  14. doogleman

    Front Wing - How Much??

    Hi Guys, The wife was going into work last week and one of those bar gates was not secured correctly and the wind swung it out hitting and benting the bonnett and badly scratching and denting the front left wing. Just wondering how much you would be talking for a new wing for a B6. I believe...
  15. doogleman

    key problem

    As far as I remember there was a part number on the blade section of mine, inside on the plastic. I thought it was the remote that was generic and the immobiliser was part number specific. Maybe I have it the wrong way around though. Let me check it tonight when I get home and I'll let you know...
  16. doogleman

    key problem

    It is possible to remove the blade. I bought a blank blade key fob with remote included off ebay with the same part number for my a4. I was able to program the remote myself with Vag-Com, got the blade cut at a locksmith but as I didnt have the "secret code" for the immobiliser, I had to get the...
  17. doogleman

    Smoke from dipstick area

    Jaysus, lucky escape alrite, ya must have a quick clutch finger!! Good work gettin her under control! :respekt:
  18. doogleman

    Smoke from dipstick area

    Ok, fair enough, but is that not a bike? Different kettle of fish i would have thought. Did you have it in for long? It must be put in with a new filter also.
  19. doogleman

    Smoke from dipstick area

    Also guys, look at the date on the flippin article!!! Its 1996, thats 11 years ago!!! Even if there were problems, I'm sure if they were that serious of issues, the product would not still be on sale or would have been changed!! :tocktock:
  20. doogleman

    Smoke from dipstick area

    Ok, well it worked for me. It was purposely only left in for 3k miles. Definitely sorted my engine out. Have you used it yourself to ill-effect enda1?