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  1. SPIKE_

    Gtechniq EC Easy Coat

    For anyone interested, Amazon are selling Gtechniq EC Easy Coat for £4.79 a bottle which is a great saving over RPP. The offer keeps popping up every now and again, and first heard about it on a local car forum. Tried it myself last weekend for the first time, and initial thoughts are good. Not...
  2. SPIKE_

    For Sale USB - Lightning Cable

    I have for sale a OEM Audi USB to lightning cable that supports Apple iPhone. In excellent condition and fully working. part number 8S0 051 435 D. £12.50 delivered.
  3. SPIKE_

    Super Sport Seats

    Does anyone know if the wiring is in place within the regular A4 to support the SS seats from the S/RS? With the SS seats being electric and also having the massage function, is the power going to be at the connector to let you use these functions? Appreciate thoughts from those in the know!
  4. SPIKE_

    For Sale A3/S3 8V Parts

    Having sold our S3 last week, I have for sale a few items that I had fitted to it. All items were fitted to a 2018 S3 Sportback and all items are in excellent condition and like new. Set of RS3 door handles - £90.00 delivered Audi "QUATTRO" puddle lights - £50.00 delivered Sportback...
  5. SPIKE_

    Calling All 40TFSI Owners

    Currently looking at a deal for a new A4 40TFSI engined car, but not sure if its the right move over my current 2.0TDI. Curious to see from those with experience of this engine what the real world MPG is? Thanks
  6. SPIKE_


    Interested to hear if anybody has used Racingline products on their car, and if so, I assume the warranty is intact as this is approved VAG supplier? I see quite a few people on the VW side using them for this reason, but don’t here of many on the Audi side. They have some beautifully made...
  7. SPIKE_

    Ford Focus RS

    The end of the Focus RS Sad to see there won’t be another, as I’m a bit of a fan at heart.
  8. SPIKE_

    Facelift Gloss Black Rotor Alloy Part Number Request

    Please can I get anyone with the OEM 19” Gloss Black Rotors alloys to give me the part number for the 8J 235 wide alloy c/w Audi Sport logo. Can’t get a definitive answer on the internet, so hoping I can get a few on here to confirm. Thanks
  9. SPIKE_

    Which Interior Dash Cleaner

    looking to get an interior dash cleaning product, as as ever with detailing products, which is the best to go for? Looking for peoples tried and tested recommendations :yes:
  10. SPIKE_

    OEM Black Exhaust Tips

    Has anyone seen or know if its possible to get OEM black exhaust tips for the S1? I see you can get them for the A1, but not sure it’s the same tips for use on the S1.
  11. SPIKE_

    MY19 Release Date & Specs

    Checking to see if anyone has heard the date for MY19 cars being released onto the configuator and what the changes are? Be interested to hear what’s in the pipeline!
  12. SPIKE_

    Ceramic Wheel Sealant - Which one?

    Evening all. I am looking to put some Gtechniq C5 onto the brake calipers of our S1 at the same time of doing the rims, but would need to make sure they are squeaky clean before applying it. Has anyone recommendations on what to use to get the calipers clean and ready for the C5?
  13. SPIKE_

    Audi Heritage 2017

    Just seen this on EVO website:
  14. SPIKE_

    Audi RS5.....2.9 Litre Biturbo V6

    The new RS5 is a stunning looking car, with nice options including a CF roof! Performance is also great. Info from Top Gear:
  15. SPIKE_

    S1 Front Bumper

    Would anyone be able to advise on the process of removing the front bumper from an S1. I am not sure how you get the workshop manual showing the guide and steps to do it. If anyone can point me in the right direction, it would be great!
  16. SPIKE_

    S1 Carbon Mirrors

    I've been on the Audi Configurator and noted the S1 Competition spec car. Just checked it's standard specification and it notes in the exterior design that it has a box ticked saying "door mirror housing - carbon". Has anyone else noticed this or know if Audi are selling these as an extra now?
  17. SPIKE_


    Hello all, I have just signed up to the forum as we picked up a beautiful S1 yesterday. Me and the wife fell for it the moment we drove quick and addictive, not to mention how great it looks! We got a great deal on the car which has plenty of extras specced on it. I'll try and get up...