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  1. Arnie

    HPI Clear cars which were written off

    Apologies I have not posted in a while but I have moved to BMW camp some time ago, which actually was suggested by members of this forum when I was in decision making process between my old A3 3.2 and BMW 330i:whistle2: . However I fell below should catch your attention. I have been involved...
  2. Arnie

    a3 3.2 vs 330i

    Ok I am in trouble, have 2 cars and need to sell one..... 330i se e90 - black -05 reg -48k on the clock, FSH -high spec with iDrive, sun ruff, black leather with sport seats, electric folding mirrors etc -oem 17 inch rims -cruise control -active steering -manual a3 3.2 - blue -04 reg (split...
  3. Arnie

    Paintball 11 September - London

    I am organising Paintball this Sunday and was wondering if anyone from wants to join? Currently half of the group (23 people) are chaps from my motorcycle forum. The price is £20 per person that includes all equipment and 200 paintballs. 200 wont last long and buying more costs...
  4. Arnie

    Audi A3 3.2 Dsg Flashing PRNDS

    I have drove to MOT garage today and everything was fine. After it faild MOT (not working rear belt - got stuck only - and split velocity gaiter - £70 fix) on the way home I got my DSG gearbox flashing. All gears PRNDS are flashing and it doesnt show what mode DSG is in. When moved to P it is...
  5. Arnie

    Can keeping car on the street be cheaper than in the garage ? - YES it can... wtf !?

    I have run extensive research yesterday while looking for new insurance for my audi and I found quite a few interesting facts. With my postcode keeping car in the garage costs me £200 more than on the street. Even residental car park is more expensive. Also I live with my girlfriend, not...
  6. Arnie

    View Site Leaders link NOT WORKING just wanted to check who is the boss :)getting 500 error
  7. Arnie

    Where is Nigel?

    anyone seen him? :ninja:
  8. Arnie

    Carbon Wrapping Attempt

    I had some spare carbon wrap laying around and having less busy evening I had a go on my a3's interior parts. It looks quite good I think. More to follow, that was only a test run, just ordered carbon wrap from ebay:ninja:
  9. Arnie

    Owner's manual?

    I was wondering if any replacements are available for Owners Manuals from Audi or maybe online? I tried to search but with no luck. My car came with no manual or any sort of documentation at all. I have never owned any audi before so Owners Manual would be handy:) Car is A3 3.2 2004
  10. Arnie

    and I bought an Audi

    I was never much into cars as I am motorcycle rider but possible getting addicted. I have always owned some crappy old cars to get me from A to B and never planned on buying anything expensive. Accidently bought Audi a3 with 3.2 petrol engine and dsg gearbox on insurance auction. The car is...
  11. Arnie

    looking for few parts for my new a3

    Firstly I would like to say hello on the forum as it's my first post. Apology for my English if it is bad at any time as it's not my first language. I have purchased salvage A3 3.2 DSG quattro from 2004 with 64k on the clock. It has some scratches here and there but main problem is someone...