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    Strange instrument cluster fault

    Has your battery gone flat recently? Flat battery makes the fuel gauge faulty for a while. Mine fixed after a refill or two. Sorry....just re read your post.
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    I used KL30 on the radio. It is constant 12v but I was using the car daily and always charging the battery. It was fine for up to 5 days no use with a 4+ year old battery. Any longer than 7 days and it was a gamble. Now its a second car and I've taken it out as its not getting the use I once...
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    Fantasy F1 2020 anybody???

    Is there no interest this year? :cry:
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    Re map advice please

    I remapped my 1.9 awx 5 speed 130, to 175bhp using an MPPS device and a map from the blacksmoke website. It took two mins, and cost me £45. 70k miles later its still perfect. Why spend £200+ on a fancy custom map? Its only a 1.9 diesel.
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    PD130 Excessive Rocker Pressure

    So going back to the original question. Did you find out the cause?
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    Glad you sorted it mate.
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    Are you using a aftermarket bluetooth adapter? If so which one?
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    Fantasty F1 2019

    :disrelieved: We'll played Ozmosis' mongs. Congratulations.
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    Buy the adapter set with gps and aerial adapter. Gps goes behind the glove box up near the windscreen.
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    I just re read your post. You don't have RNSE so the above one won't work. I PM'ed you.
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    Air con issue

    Best have it scanned. it could direct you to exactly where the problem lies. Im sure someone on here could do it for beer money.
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    A4 1.9 tdi awx mpg

    I'll get 50-52mpg on a gentle motorway cruise (60-65mph). Your 46mpg isn't that bad.
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    I use this is mine. Tried a more expensive one and it was ****. I use this daily playing spotify via my phone. My rnse doesn't have bose, so you might have to check it compatible.
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    Subframe bush replacement

    Hi. My 1.9 A4 avant non quattro is starting to feel old and the back end is very sloppy. I replaced a lot of the bushes a few years ago and I think the subframe bushes have worn out. I've spoken with my trusted garage and they don't have any info on replacing the sub frame bushes. Would anyone...
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    Upgraded engine/gearbox mounts

    I fitted new snub nose mount, gearbox mount (both meyle HD) and non electric engine mounts from a 2.5tdi. Seems fine for me. No wobbling from anywhere and it's a remapped 1.9tdi.
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    Manual Seat Swap To S line Seats

    I swapped normal se seats to sport leather seats. They were heated and electric lumbar support. Didn't go to the hassle of putting in heated wiring or lumber support wires. Far too much trouble for seats that are perfectly fine without any of that working. So I'm no help in the slightest sorry.
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    Oil feed line leak

    Darkside do a braided hose oil feed pipe that's cheaper than the rigid pipe. Think it was about £40/50. Supposed to be reusable. Where as the rigid one is one fit only. Apparently.
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    Cardiff Audi oil

    Thanks for posting such a detailed response it was interesting seeing the 507 spec. I was googling the castrol when I got home and I did see the 507 as being ok. Unfortunately the castrol was only 502 or 505.00 spec. So useless. The parts guy to be fair, even put the old quantum part number into...
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    Cardiff Audi oil

    Just to make you aware, popped into Cardiff Audi today to get some oil. (TBH I find them quite good value for oil if I'm in a hurry). They took my reg and presented me with a 4ltr bottle of Castrol Magnatec professional a3 5w 40. I was suprised no Quantum Platinum. He explained they no longer...