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  1. 66Cobra

    R8 V10 Plus on order

    Hi all Just placed order for a V10 Plus due in September. I have a bit of a dilemma on which colour stitching to go for either Black with Red stitching – ER/FL Black with Titanium grey stitching – FJ/FG. Ibis white/Sideblade in Carbon sigma Contrast stitching for Fine Nappa leather...
  2. 66Cobra

    Audi R8 V10 Plus

    Hi all justover from the Q7 forum could be moving over for good. Just had the R8V10 Plus for the weekend courtesy of Audi. And all I can say without swearingis what a dream car it is, It drives like a dream corners like hell andaccelerates like hell. I was quite taken with how comfortable it...
  3. 66Cobra

    Breather Pipe

    Hi all Can anyone confirm what should be on the top of this breather hose. I have just had a service and notice this pipe. Was told that nothing is missing. Air filter to the left hand side. Part number would be good also can someone post a picture of the pipe with whatever should be on the top...