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  1. Mark S

    Sachs clutch... seems cheap?

    Hi I've been doing some googling to find the best (read cheapest) place for a Sachs organic clutch for my S3 to replace the standard one that is currently slipping (car is mapped), and came across this...
  2. Mark S

    RNS-E and iPhone 5/iPod Touch 5th gen

    Apologies if this has been asked already but a search didn't yield any results for me. I'm looking to get a new iPod to plug into my AMI (MY11 car). The current connector in the glove box is for iPhones/iPods with the old 30 pin ports. I know there was a lot of discussion around whether or...
  3. Mark S

    Remap vs. Warranty

    My S3 is booked in to get the Revo Stage 1 map tomorrow and I'm a little bit worried about how it's going to affect my warranty. I called up my local dealership which I take the car to for servicing and they have said that I will invalidate the warranty with relation to any engine component...
  4. Mark S

    Wheel fitment - A5 BE wheels?

    I'm looking at getting some A5 BE rotors for my S3 and I'm not sure if they'll fit because of the width and offset. They're 9J x 19, stud pattern is 5 x 112, but the offset is ET33. Can anyone help? Cheers Mark
  5. Mark S

    Machine polishers

    Can anyone recommend a decent mid-range machine polisher? I've never really used one before so something forgiving would definitely be best. I want to try and remove the swirl marks (one of the curses of having a black car) and a light scratch courtesy of my girlfriend's handbag, but most...
  6. Mark S

    New S3 owner

    Hi all I've been a member on here a few months but only picked up my Audi last weekend. It's a 2011 S3 Black Edition in Phantom Black, options it has are light and rain sensor pack, comfort pack and technology pack I think. Here are a couple of pictures: It's a bit of an...
  7. Mark S

    Replacement bulbs for xenon plus headlights

    Firstly, I'm new here so apologies if this is in the wrong section. I have a 2011 S3 Black Edition which I'm taking round europe next month. One of the requirements for driving in the Czech Republic is that you must carry a set of spare bulbs, does anyone know where I can get a set of...