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    Discolouration on Windscreen

    I don’t know if this is a stupid question but I can’t quite figure out what has caused this and how to put it right.
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    Wanted 8V Front Bumper *PREFER IN GREY*

    Hi guys, Recently ripped my bumper off by accident reversing off of a car wash... So I am in need of either full new bumper with clips and everything or someone near to me who could assess the damage and what I would need to do to get it back to original! Really do not want to have to go to...
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    Halogens to Xenons

    Very infested in doing this but I would like to know if anyone has done it? How much it cost? Did you get a professional retrofitter to do it or did you do it yourself? I’d also like to start changing the necessary panels to convert my Sport into an S Line. Would anyone be able to tell me what...
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    Did I overpay?

    Hi guys, bit of a weird one here but I recently went purchased my A3 8V 184hp 2.0 TDI Sport. It had 11000 miles on the clock and it is 14 plate. I have put some new alloys on it but I am curious what someone would pay for this car if they to buy it for themselves? Here is a picture of it, any...
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    Parking sensor fix!

    Don’t know if this is the right place for this, but I recently purchased my A3 Sport with rear parking sensors. When I go into reverse I can hear the noticeable beep, but nothing appears on my screen, with the distance objects are away from me Can this be changed? Any help would be...
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    App for this Forum

    Silly question I know but is there an APP for this forum I can have on my phone?
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    Benefits of the job!

    Always nice to see all these new cars for me to drive!! #heaven