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    S3 ECP light warning and car acting weird

    Hi I was in a shopping center cark park today and basically after circling the parking lot for about 20 mins or so behind ofther traffic, car started to act up ECP light came on and then there was a loss of power when trying to accelerate, car eventually cut out. Dash lit up light a christmas...
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    Auto gearbox not changing smoothly

    Hi Have a '97 1.8 Auto, the gear change on the gearbox is not smooth at all, there are moments where it feels like the gears are "clunking" in to place. Usually happens between 2nd and 3rd and depending on the speed 3rd and 4th. Sometimes when driving and applying a bit more speed to the pedal...
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    Oil pressure light

    Hi oil pressure lamp came on the other day, showing "min" on the dash, have filled up the oil in the car to the max level, but the light has not gone off? does it need to be reset or should it automatically realise? Thanks
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    Hi Was wondering if anyone had a number for the Di-natek guys? Thanks
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    Cooling Fans

    Hi all had my air con compressor replaced a couple months back and now have noticed that the cooling fans seem to be operating at a much higher rev rate to the extent to which I can feel them through my steering wheel? is this normal or can they be re tuned to an Audi standard? Thanks
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    Immobiliser light on dash doesn't flash?

    Hi Noticed that normally the red light flashes on top of the dash comes on when the car is locked and recently noticed that now this does not happen, anyone know why this would be the case? Thanks
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    Black Code remap?

    Hi anyone got any ideas about Black Code remaps? Black Code - Vehicle re-mapping specialists Thanks
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    Aircon no cool air?

    Hi last week aircon was working fine producing cool air, today drove it back from the gym and its on the lowest temp setting and its not producing cool air? any ideas what the problem could be? Thanks
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    front strut size?

    Hi all how does one tell what size front strut is needed 50mm or 55mm? Thanks
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    vibrations at speed

    hi just been to france and back over the long weekend, and have been able to drive a bit faster, noticed that the car has been vibrating slightly when accelerating at speeds of around 80-90mph. I get the feeling that it is coming from the back wheels, as you can feel it through the driver...
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    anti roll bars?

    Hi all was wondering about getting some anti roll bars and wanted to know if they were worth getting? also which brands are recommended compared to what is on a stock sline? Thanks
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    S Line Badge

    Hi Was wondering if anyone knew the part number for the S Line badge that is usually on the rear doors of the A3, or where I could possibly order one? Thanks
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    koni fsd dampers or performance upgrade?

    hi all was considering getting some koni fsd dampers and was wondering if they were worth getting considering all the posts about how hard the s-line's are. or whether i should scrap that and go for a performance upgrade e.g. revo? also have noticed that audi do an upgrade themselves does...
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    hi all so have just come back from a road trip. having been able to drive slightly fast than normal have noticed that I get a certain amount of feedback coming through the driver seat, it feels as though the rear wheels or something is giving these vibrations at high speeds, any suggestions as...
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    Ride and suspension

    Hi I upgraded my car with an Eibach Pro kit about 6 months ago, but I still feel as though the ride on the car isn't as smooth, feel as though sometimes I am sitting in a salt shaker when driving over some relatively uneven ground. I maintained having the S line shocks on the car, was wondering...
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    Paint Touch up

    Hi Was wondering if anyone could tell me or recommend a good paint touch up kit? have a few chips on my door that I would like to clear up. Thanks
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    Tyre Recommendation

    hi at the moment i have some pirelli p-zero russo tyres and its coming to that time to replace them. does anyone have any recommendations as to what tyres i should go for or if i should stay with the same ones? thanks
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    Black Optics Grill

    Hi All was wondering if you could tell me where I can pick up a Black Optics grill and what sort of price range I would be looking at? also would if anyone knows where I can get this fitted in london would be much appreciated thanks
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    Eibach Pro

    Hi all been reading alot of threads about the Eibach Pro kit and it seems as though alot of people are happy with suspension kit. just had a few questions, in terms of the ride height is that substantially visible? (if any have before or after pics?) also would anyone be able to recommend...
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    Smooth Ride - A3 Sportback

    Have an A3 sport back 2.0T quattro with 18 inch wheels, recently I have noticed when driving around London that the ride isn't as smooth as when I first got the car. It could be just my imagination, but it feels as though every bump or hole in the road is multiplied. I was just wondering if...