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  1. The Real Big Vern

    Oil change already?

    So, picked up a 21 plate S3 in March and today received a notification than an oil change is due in 29 days. Would that be right already? I'm a massive car noob btw so go easy if it's an obvious answer! Ta
  2. The Real Big Vern

    How to fit Puddle Lights on the Front and Rear doors

    What a surprise, emails replied to instantly during the sales process, but now I've collected, no response despite chasers in relation to swapping the puddle lights out.
  3. The Real Big Vern

    I know nothing about cars so forgive this question!

    wow looking at the engine options for the A4 now, nearest i could get to the one I've handed back is 265 ps vs the 272ps i had.
  4. The Real Big Vern

    How to fit Puddle Lights on the Front and Rear doors

    I get that, but the standard puddle lights are non existent, Stevie Wonder sees more than they show up.
  5. The Real Big Vern

    I know nothing about cars so forgive this question!

    Gutted :( feels like the fun has all gone! So which one is faster from a stand still, the A4 or the S3?
  6. The Real Big Vern

    I know nothing about cars so forgive this question!

    Ok, so just handed back my A4 3.0 tdi 272 quattro and taken delivery of a new S3 saloon. When I put my foot down in the A4, it shifted, the torque was great, pushed me back into the seat and flew, you knew you were accelerating! There's none of that in the S3, yes it goes when you put your...
  7. The Real Big Vern

    How to fit Puddle Lights on the Front and Rear doors

    Yeh just picked my new S3 up, standard puddle lights, nothing in the glove box :(
  8. The Real Big Vern

    MMI view

    Guys can I just clarify, any issues if your phone is plugged in via cable? I'm picking mine up next week, but if it means plugging a cable in sorts a lot of issues, then I'm fine.
  9. The Real Big Vern

    ["Detailing" Advice Needed] First Wash and Wax

    Wow, never heard of any of this before, I just get in and drive and take it to the hand wash every now and then! How much, on average, does taking it to a detailer cost? About to take delivery of a new launch edition S3, so would be interested to know whether or not worth taking it straight to...
  10. The Real Big Vern

    First Service - do i have to go to main dealer?

    Hi, I am due my first service and oil change for an 18 plate A4 3.0 TDI 272 Quatro. It's on hire purchase and I plan to hand it back at the end of the 4 years and not make the final payment. Am I tied to the local audi dealership for this service as they want about £400 whereas a couple of...
  11. The Real Big Vern

    Wheel Alignment

    YES! £468 actually! Then £220 per tyre! Just called Kwikfit, they can align all four for £80! Geezer almost choked on his coffee when i told him how much the dealership want!
  12. The Real Big Vern

    Wheel Alignment

    Hi, just had a call from the local dealership as they have my car for a free winter healthcheck. I need new front tyres and the rears arent far off needing replacing too, which is all fine. But they mentioned that I could also do with a wheel alignment, which is about £450 with them! I assume...
  13. The Real Big Vern

    Audi Connect

    I'm struggling to understand this malarkey! I have a 3 yr license for Audi Connect according to the dealer. I've been linking my android into the car wifi since ive had it for the last month or so. Now when I try it, my android takes me to the Cubic Telecom homepage where it tells me; You...
  14. The Real Big Vern

    2018_19 MMI Map Update

    Just did it via the cars wifi, took about 10 minutes, no bother.
  15. The Real Big Vern

    TCU upgrade update

    So is it truly untraceable as advertised?
  16. The Real Big Vern

    Apple car Play to Android Auto

    similar issue. I use Spotify within AA and when I go to my playlists through on the MMI it only lists about 15 songs in the playlist if i scroll down and wont scroll any further.
  17. The Real Big Vern

    Audi Connect

    Ok, so I'm a ludite so forgive me if this all sounds stupid! I have Audi Connect, which I think I get free for the first 3 months? So far the only thing that seems of use is the Google Earth on sat nav and real time traffic updates and re-routes, which I like. I have a MyAudi account and also...
  18. The Real Big Vern

    B9 Audi Sound System vs B&O

    3 weeks in with the audi sound system and i'm not impressed. I had the B&O in an A5 6 yrs ago and subsequently Meridian in a Range Rover and I have to keep turning the volume down on the Audi system as it's too screechy. Can B&O be retro-fit?
  19. The Real Big Vern

    Post Pics Of Your A4/S4 B9 In Here

    First A4 and only my second Audi (had an A5 6 years ago) and coming from having two 2.2d Evoques over the last 6 years, the driving is immensely more fun! 3.0tdi (272ps), Quattro, Black Edition, Techpack, Tiptronic in quantum grey Thought long and hard on the suspension but ultimately went for...