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  1. Huwbert

    B7 Engine Swaps

    Now, don't shoot me for even contemplating it, i'm just curious! Has anybody put another type of engine in a B7 RS4? e.g. B5 2.7 twin turbo, B8 S4 supercharged etc.
  2. Huwbert

    Ouch, might want to read this.....

    Don't know how it affects us yet, but it doesn't look good.
  3. Huwbert

    MTMmmmm dribble.......
  4. Huwbert

    Audi Sport Upgrades coming....

    Audi are due to launch a range of warranty-backed, Audi Sport tuning upgrades for S and RS models, by all accounts. This will include suspension, brakes, wheels, exhausts and possibly software upgrades. Could be by the end of the year. Don't know about you, but i find that pretty exciting!
  5. Huwbert

    VCDS, Technology pack etc.

    Now, bear with me, i have man flu and have been sitting around all day thinking! If you have the technology pack, is it possible for someone with vcds to avctivate sd card sat nav, then if you got the proper sd card, you'd have sat nav? Or am i putting 2 and 2 together and getting 50? :keule:
  6. Huwbert

    MRC Remap

    Having used MRC Tuning for remaps before, i'm interested in getting one for the S1. I've enquired but heard back nothing. Has anyone had their S1 remapped by MRC or had any feedback about what they can do?
  7. Huwbert

    Name the bodykit!

    Ok, i don't really know much about Audi's, this being my first, but having seen different names on the forum, i'm curious as to what bodykit my car has got, here's a couple of pics......
  8. Huwbert

    A4 Headlights were pants....

    I have the standard non hid headlights and was considering buying hids, but couldn't justify splashing out on them at the moment(yes, i know they're not that expensive!). So i popped into halfrauds to get some decent bulbs, just to keep me going for the time being. I ended up buying some of...
  9. Huwbert

    Jap Convert, 1st Audi!

    Hello all, thought i'd join up as i've just bought a rather nice A4 1.9 Tdi Quattro Sport on a 52 plate. It is to replace my Subaru Legacy B4 RSK, which is a fantastic car but has a penchant for shell v-power! So rather than spend a fortune on petrol, i've gone back to oil burning! Of course...