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  1. quattrogone

    A4 Dynamik Owners Thread

    TBH I've had a look around and apart from a B8.5 petrol I'm not interested in anything else, newer A4/A5's all seem to be smaller 1.4 0r 2.0 but with lower bhp and more electronic cr4p on them. It sort of pushes me towards the S or RS range if I'm going to change at all, and even then manual...
  2. quattrogone

    A4 Dynamik Owners Thread

    Mine's now in the need of some tlc! thinking about paint as entire front end could do with a tidy.....then I started thinking about complete colour change :blink:
  3. quattrogone

    Off to view another possible B7 this week, uttermadness.

    I'd buy just because it's yellow! I had a mk1 TT back in the day that was Imola yellow and I loved it. That looks to be the same colour..
  4. quattrogone

    Post pics of your B8 A4/S4...

    We are heading into some very dangerous times!
  5. quattrogone

    For Sale Goodyear Eagle F1 ROF x 1

    Eagle F1 Asy5 255 x 35 R19 96Y I have one of these that was removed from my car (other one damaged beyond repair) Tyre fitter checked the depth of tread on removal and told me that there's just over 6mm on each outer tread and 7mm on the center. Buyer to organise collection. Offer's around £100
  6. quattrogone

    2.0 TFSI Known Oil Consumption problem - 2015 ongoing thread (2009-2011 models)

    Well as I understand it the issue started to get bad around the 45/50k point so that could very well be the engine rebuild time..Mine was done around 55k
  7. quattrogone

    Advice please , think insurance company is trying to do me over!

    Just keep arguing, mine went from £1450 to £2950 in the end! I just kept on refusing their offers..
  8. quattrogone

    2.0 TFSI Known Oil Consumption problem - 2015 ongoing thread (2009-2011 models)

    Hold out for a 2012 face-lift model, or buy one with paperwork proving work done. My car has all the paperwork plus I spoke to the previous owner who had the work done and I rang the service department of dealership that did the work, all 3 including the current seller clarified the information...
  9. quattrogone

    Reverse LED light upgrade, nice and bright

    I might go for a set of these if they're issue free, Audi blacked out my rear windows to the point that reversing at night is a real problem!
  10. quattrogone

    Worn leather steering wheel refurbishment success.

    Nice job, I replaced my steering wheel for the same in my 2011 Dynamik. The original wheel is horrific lol!
  11. quattrogone

    Steering wheel & gear knob sliver trim

    try this!
  12. quattrogone

    Steering wheel & gear knob sliver trim

    someone with rings been driving! Not sure about the steering wheel but I replaced my whole gear knob/gater for one off ebay and to be fair for under £20 at the time I was surprised how good it was...
  13. quattrogone

    Word Association Game .. . . .

  14. quattrogone

    Word Association Game .. . . .

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    Sold B7 A4 S Line Special Edition TFSI 220 - for sale, spares or repair

    Nice looking car for someone with mechanical skills...
  16. quattrogone

    Alarm fault - glass breakage sensors

    It's usually the siren that's faulty as the internal back up battery fails and starts to corrode & leaks onto the CB causing it to go off at random times! I just unplugged my siren and yeeted it into the bin, problem solved...
  17. quattrogone

    Word Association Game .. . . .

  18. quattrogone

    Wanted 20 mm Wheel Spacers Wanted S5

    I don't have "S5 branded" but I do have a pair of decent quality m-tec in black, also have a set of bolts but not the locking wheel nut.. they were only on the car for a week as I decided to go 15mm all round purely for looks.
  19. quattrogone

    First major rant on this website

    The best part is that the picture is of an electric car :tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy: