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  1. HotboxDeluxe

    1.4 TFSi...bad idea?

    Just curious really (not pondering a near-future addition, honest) but does anybody have experience of the 1.4 in the 8P? I know it's only 120-odd bhp, but it doesn't have to be fast. Quiet and economical round town will do, as long as it's got enough poke to get out of its own way (which is...
  2. HotboxDeluxe

    R8 crashy (ouch)

    Be careful out there :ohmy:
  3. HotboxDeluxe

    A Bag of Sand

    Please excuse this minor spammage for my minor milestone.... 1000 posts yay! :thumbsup: I don't really like Audis* but I love, thanks for having me, great forum, great guys, best smileys :friends: *Ur-Quattro, RS2, S5 Sportback gratefully accepted
  4. HotboxDeluxe

    Auf Wiedersehen A3

    After over a year of Audi-ing, the day is upon us where I bid my trusty A3 farewell. A very good car, but not one I felt any emotion for, and I usually get attached to a good motah :ermm: It's just not very exciting. It looks great, eats distances, is fairly why don't I love it...
  5. HotboxDeluxe

    Audi gearbag confusion

    In Audi-speak, which one is DSG? Is it 'S-Tronic' or 'Multitronic' ? Clarification would be much appreciated! Mr Anti-VAG has another new-car dilemma :faint: TIA
  6. HotboxDeluxe

    A good VW forum?

    Can anyone recommend a good VW forum? It looks very much like next month is the last month with my trusty A3 :bye: New Golf GTi next :yahoo: TIA Adam
  7. HotboxDeluxe

    Would 4 exhausts make me look like a c**k I'm leaning towards the "****" end of the scale...I fancy 4 pipes but I think I'd feel like a bell end, I'm 31 ffs and I drive a diesel :beee:
  8. HotboxDeluxe

    Happy Easter eggs everybody...

    ...I'm off to Berlin with 'er indoors for the weekend. No point to this really, I just wanted to wish everyone happy hols and so on. Don't eat too much chocolate, fatties! :lmfao: I would, but I'm diabetic :sadlike: so just a bit of easter egg for me. :thumbsup:
  9. HotboxDeluxe


    :blink: I have parking sensors on the back. I've never had them before so still look behind me when parking. They work fine and I almost trusted them. Last night I went out to collect our pizzas, was parking the car quickly and DIDN'T look behind me as I heard no parking bleep...and clattered...
  10. HotboxDeluxe

    New model?

    Does anyone know when they plan on changing the A5? I don't mean a facelift, are audi going to release a complete new model in the next couple of years.... ....I really fancy an A5 :drag:
  11. HotboxDeluxe

    Aaaargh help please I'll give you a million pounds

    Have a part number request - I have done a lengthy search of the forum and I'm still in the dark :ermm: - If someone could come up with the number I will be eternally grateful and will send 1 million (imaginary) pounds via (imaginary) paypal.... I need the interior light cover doo-dah at the...
  12. HotboxDeluxe

    Alternative to RNS-E?

    Apart from Mr Thomas Tom and his cousins, what can I get to go into the dash that a) looks right, b) sounds good, and c) DOESN'T MAKE ME SCREAM BLUE ****** MURDER AND ASK ME TO TURN LEFT INTO FIELDS AND STUFF :keule::keule::keule: *ahem!* anyway, I don't like it any more. And I don't like...
  13. HotboxDeluxe

    Get mine back today

    It's been at the stealers for the last 4 days having a new wing fitted and painted (******* hit-and-run :gun2:) and even though I'm not passionate about it (it's probably the dearest and nicest car I've had so far, but I still view it as an appliance - got no personality!) I've still been...
  14. HotboxDeluxe

    Does anyone do dark side repeaters?

    As title! I'd very much like to lamin-x the headlights and fogs and fit facelift SB tail lights, but none of this will happen unless I can get smoked or black wing repeaters to balance it all up :salute: Anyone know?
  15. HotboxDeluxe

    Removing wing mirror

    A nice lorry driver took most of it off for me already :gun2: but what i need to do is get the rest of it off to fit the new one - do I need to take the door card off? I have a feeling I need to, what a pain in the ****...
  16. HotboxDeluxe

    RNS-E TV question

    Hi all I would be deeply grateful if somebody could answer this question...would the TV tuner out of an A4 B5 work with the screen in my A3? the part number is 4D0 919 146 - apparently it works with all Audis with "big" navigation, whatever that means... Thanks in advance if anyone can say...
  17. HotboxDeluxe

    Another real quickie

    I have so many questions :search: but one which is pressing...are sportback and 3-door mirrors the same? car is '06 Answers muchos gratefully appreciated :thumbsup:
  18. HotboxDeluxe

    My Sportback

    I've had it 4 months and I'm very pleased with it so far :thumbsup: 170 TDi DSG with a few choice options, there's a few bits I'd like to do to it, first on the list is a thorough detail when I get a spare day or 2 :laugh: