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  1. slade777

    2014 A3 Saloon @ Manchester Audi. Pics inside

    I think its nice however in my personal opinion I prefer the Mercedes CLA if in AMG sport spec. I do think the Audi will be better built and has a nicer interior but I love the exterior of the CLA
  2. slade777

    our development is now complete.. 2.0TDI 150PS dyno graphs

    Ive got thr CRD2 on my current 8P and have to say its a total transformation. Only worry is going through tyres quicker than I should, but then again thats where the fun is :p. Ive had the box for over a year now with no issues. I did take it off when the car went in for service and left it off...
  3. slade777

    Its looks like I'll be off then!

    It was camberley audi but they had to call the factory direct to keep getting the updates. They didnt bother calling until I pestered them however. Just sitting in the vw garage and bingo bango GTD is now on order with a guarenteed part ex for my car and 5% discount and half price servicing...
  4. slade777

    Its looks like I'll be off then!

    I know its shocking. Such a shame as I do love the car just not the service. I dont want to bad mouth the dealer as its audi direct they dont filter news down to the ground. Shocking. 8f it was a hand built rolls royce id allow nearly a year from order but not on a car that takes less than a...
  5. slade777

    Its looks like I'll be off then!

    Morning all, Ive been a member of this great forum since purchasing my current 8P black edition. When the 8v appeared I was a bit unsure but decided it was the the best choice. Specced it up and ordered in February. Was told by camberley audi the car would be delivered in may. Great I...
  6. slade777

    Well, that's me off guys, see you soon......

    Good luck with your purchases. I have say I think both the golf and polo wont disappoint, both lovely cars.
  7. slade777

    New A3 Wheel Colour...

    How much are you looking at for powder coating? I thinking of getting it done when my glacier white Sline arrives. After your photoshop pretty much sold it to me!!
  8. slade777

    Potential black edition wheels?

    That was my assumption. My current black edition has the Anthracite version of the Sline wheels. I don't think the rotors came in until later in 2010.
  9. slade777

    Potential black edition wheels?

    I think they would look good as anthracite instead of black!?!
  10. slade777

    Potential black edition wheels?

    Just realised the first photo may be a bit small.
  11. slade777

    Potential black edition wheels?

    What do people think? These were in the original German brochure before the English version came out. What are people's opinions I like them. Might look good on a white car.
  12. slade777

    Post Pics Of Your A3/S3 8v In Here

    This thread is very very unfair to all of us waiting! Some amazing cars and amazing photos!! Hope your all enjoying your pride and joys! I'm still waiting for mine to be built :(.
  13. slade777

    Look What I spotted

    Are they giving any info on price yet?
  14. slade777

    Ice silver

    It's just silver. Same as my signature.
  15. slade777

    Bye bye A1, Hello A3

    Out of curiosity I'm assuming you have paddles on the steering wheel? Are these aluminium or black. Also is the plus and minus illuminated. Haven't seen any pictures of the paddles yet and awaiting my Stronic :) Lovely car by the way. Really like the colour.
  16. slade777

    VW Golf GT or A3 Sportback S-Line

    I sat in the golf VII today and have to say I was impressed. It was an SE spec and it was a good quality car! I thought the quality of the cabin, soft touch plastics was good and over and beyond my 8P. This is understandable seeing as the 8P is now ancient. I then took a drive to the seat...
  17. slade777

    A3 Saloon.

    Is the saloon looks like the concept bring it on. If not I'd go for the CLA AMG sport. Although not fond of the quality of interior on the merc.
  18. slade777

    A3 Saloon.

    With the merc cla being launched they will probably now launch the saloon A3 to compete.
  19. slade777

    Giving the A3 BE Courtesy Car some loving .. Round 2!

    Your one of those people the dealer loves to give cars to lol. Fair play personally wouldn't waste my products on dealers cars as they treat them like crap. Seen cars washed with brushes at the local dealer. I always tell them not to touch mine!
  20. slade777

    The great interior debate...

    Isn't the golf and the new Leon pretty much the same inside. At least the Audi has a different interior to both. Also all that piano black in the Golf surrounding the screen in the golf is dreadful. If you've had piano black before you'll understand. Scratches and dust galore! Each to there...