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    Steering rack gone..

    Hey guys, Last night the car emptied its power steering fluid out through the drivers track rod gator all over the road, so it's safe to assume i need a new rack. It's a 2.5 TDI quattro and i'm trying to find out whether the part number would be the same for other b6 a4's or not? Can i fit an...
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    Scirocco Shoot

    Couple of shots from a scirocco shoot...... VW Scirocco by jay4000, on Flickr VW Scirocco 6 by jay4000, on Flickr VW scirocco 5 by jay4000, on Flickr VW Scirocco 3 by jay4000, on Flickr VW Scirocco 4 by jay4000, on Flickr Flat Out Shoot 5 by jay4000, on Flickr...
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    Seat backing

    Hi guys, Does anyone know whether it's possible to replace the plastic back off the front seats at all? The clips holding it in place have broken at the base. thanks
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    4 wheel alignment in Bridgend area

    Hi guys, anyone know a reputable garage where i can get 4 wheel alignment done in the Bridgend area please? The car has recently been lowered on coilovers and the first place i tried wanted near on £100 until they saw the car and stated it was too low! Thanks in advance
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    hid retrofit

    Hi guys, I'm currently contemplating fitting a set of hid's but i wanted to know, if they give a bulb error on the dash, is it possible to reset this via vagcom? cheers
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    Retrofit folding mirrors

    Hi per the title, anyone know if this can be done?
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    Any VW experts?
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    1996 Golf Cab leaking!!!

    hi guys, my mate has recently bought a 96 N plate golf cabriolet and over the last few days it has developed a leak. Water is gathering in the rear passenger footwell but we cannot find where it is coming from. We have soaked the car with a hosepipe but cannot see any water coming in from the...
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    Wheels rubbing

    I have a 2.5tdi quattro se and have recently fitted a set of 18's et35 with 225/40/18 rubber. I noticed a couple of days ago that the front of the front wheelarches have been worn away slightly and snapped the small mudflaps also. It has to be the wheels rubbing against the arches but they don't...
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    Night shot

    Went out for a quick mess around with the camera the other night. hope to go out and spend some time taking pics this week....will post results.
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    High pitched noise from rear speakers

    i've recently swapped the Concert 2 headunit in the car for another (non audi) headunit and am getting a high pitched noise from the rear speakers when the headunit is switched on. The noise is constant so is not too bad at high volume but if the headunit is fairly low on volume, the high...
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    Faults after remap!

    I've recently had the car remapped (A4 2.5TDI Quattro SE) on the weekend and after running Vagcom i'm getting some errors back. They sound like the sort of thing i should be worried about but wanted a second opinion. Any ideas guys before i call them back to take a look? Address 01...
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    B6 A4 2.5TDI quattro SE owners manual???

    Hi Guys...anyone know where i can get hold of above manual. Recently purchased the car (51 plate) and it didn't have the owners manual (although service book and audi folder was there). Anyone got one for sale or generous enough to spend their time scanning one? Cheers