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    Anyone have pictures of the doors with door card off?

    Preferably a Saloon, but im looking for some pictures of the doors with the door card removed if anyone has any? Thank you
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    S3 tuning - beyond "stage 1"

    Hey guys & girls, Just wanted to ask, what is considered the next step after a "Stage 1" which im guessing is a remap... I have also seen companies like APR offer a stage 1 and stage 2 map...whats the difference? Does the stage 2 map require supporting mods? At what step is a decat, bigger...
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    Has anyone added a subwoofer or amplifier to their 8v?

    Hey guys, Just wondering if anyone here has added a subwoofer to the 8v? Specifically the standard systems and not the B&W or any of the OEM amplified systems? Interested to see what methods you generally use to integrate with the OEM kit Nice one
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    Coilovers on, rear shock mounts, any differences? Also part number required

    Hi everyone I managed to install the coilovers to our Audi S3 2015 plate, well everything bar the rear shocks... The fronts went on fine, but came to realise our car actually had mag ride on (sensors on the bottom of the shock housing)...obviously, the coilovers that went on dont have this...
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    Audi S3 Induction Kits

    Hey everyone, I know this has been asked a number of times and I have searched the forum extensively and have narrowed the induction kits down to a couple...The ones I am now thinking of are; VWR Cup Edition without the air box housing (mainly for the sound) VWR R600 intake with the air box...
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    New Audi S3 8v Saloon owner...couple of questions if someone can help

    Hey guys, Recently sold our Mk5 Golf R32 to purchase the S3 8v Saloon in Sepang Blue...absolutely love the car! The car didnt come with sat nav, but has everything in place for it, when trying to select sat nav, it says sat nav needs to be enabled, so after endless thread searching, I ordered...
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    teamSPB checking in with a new Audi purchase...8V S3 saloon!

    Hey guys, Just thought I would introduce myself, I'm Amar and have a huge interest in anything automotive! Have just picked up an Audi S3 8v 2014 plate in the lovely Sepang blue I think its called after selling the wifes VW Golf R32 Mk5...awesome car! So much more of 'everything' than the R32...