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  1. DIPS_A4

    where`s Lottie ???

    i got a feeling this is going to be a sticky tread lol
  2. DIPS_A4

    GTI International 2008 - 21st & 22nd June

    Im looking foward to going this year as well going to put my car on show with cupra net. i do miss being an audi owner :)
  3. DIPS_A4

    Word Association Game .. . . .

  4. DIPS_A4

    A4 1.8TQ for sale, grown up since

    id just lose the spoiler and fit a m3 one on like doc said, ive seen your car in leicester?
  5. DIPS_A4

    Part numbers for timing belt work

    hi s3 paul im in the same situation with my new car which i just brought ive got a leon cupra r with 84k full dealer history but no sign its been changed so im not going to risk it and get it done next thursday if i where you id recommend getting it done.
  6. DIPS_A4

    60th birthday ideas???

    few ideas umm.. london eye, hot air balloon ride or go to a different city or place like lake district etc. just a few ideas mate
  7. DIPS_A4

    My new car!!!

    Thanks all! its a petrol cupra r, not feeling that bite too much as i found my a4 tdi did drink a little as i do more town driving rather then motorway driving!
  8. DIPS_A4

    My new car!!!

    Hi all just picked my car up on saturday now a proud owner of a seat leon cupra r which i wanted from time had a choice from a audi s3 or a b6 a4 so i stuck to my guns and got the seat lovin it. Selling my audi a4 now should be gone by wednesday:bye: gunno miss the audi never let me down been a...
  9. DIPS_A4

    Lamborghini Reventon

    that is 1 evil looking car love it!
  10. DIPS_A4


    hi all! just had some bad news after getting my a4 b5 tdi serviced got a major leak from my sump gasket and timing belt is quite worn. mechanic said it will be a big job because he has to take the sub frame and bumpers off has any one else had a problem like mine? i was going to sell my car...
  11. DIPS_A4

    Master cylinder

  12. DIPS_A4

    Whats your fave air freshener???

  13. DIPS_A4

    smokes in morning when car is stationary

    hi mate last time i had the timing belt changed was at 79k when i brought my car its now got 120k on it. its going in for a service next week and i also have a problem with oil leak from the breather pipe.
  14. DIPS_A4

    What was your first ever car...?

    Mine was a 1994 L plate 1.8 vauxhall cavalier
  15. DIPS_A4

    Fuel prices

    Yup lucky me mate thats harsh £1.11 im just filling up normal shell diesel now and not doing stupid run arounds let all start making home made diesel! lol
  16. DIPS_A4

    Autotrader website

    fabia vrs damm good car my cousin got his in summer 53 plate love it great fun pulls like a train. ive seen some leons but some got hardly and service history some are prev d or c and some are just **** condition. mite up my budget and spend a bit more i dont relly want to as im saving up for a...
  17. DIPS_A4

    Autotrader website

    yeah i may work in a call centre but its marketing and we have targets to meet to hit the o.t.e trust me they stress us plus in doing my cmap so im busy with that. im gunno take my next car to jabba or p torque ill let u know i only live opposite u!
  18. DIPS_A4

    Autotrader website

    either a b6 audi a4 or a seat leon cupra r or a audi s3 been sooo busy with work i havent had the time ive got some time off so gunno start looking want a new car before xmas. my budget is 8k plus ill need to sell my car.
  19. DIPS_A4

    Autotrader website

    im on finally after 5 minutes lol! yeah i agree with you unkle the new search system is a bit poor prefer the old interface! oh well just gotto get used to it. i gotto now try not to close the internet explorer box now other wise its another 5 minute wait for me. thanx!
  20. DIPS_A4

    Fuel prices

    i just fill up at shell using v-power diesel costs ****** £1.07p so im on board i guess