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    Possible? Seen a lovely S3 near me, great condition and fantastic price but it's got tints, which to be honest aren't really my cup of tea. So can you remove them easily/cheaply? Cheers, Adam
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    What's it worth ...

    ...having some crazy thoughts today re: some soft top action for the summer. So what's my S3 worth? Silver 2001 S3 (210) Audi warranty until december Tax until October 38k miles FASH Private plate - S3 GUT (GUT meaning good in German for those that always ask) Chrome mirrors (OEM) Black...
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    FAO: BBS CH owners

    Can people post pics of theirs again please? I know Ade_D has the 19s... Anyone with the 18s? Ade - hows the ride with 19s? Is yours lowered too? Cheers, Adam
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    S3 - 3 or 4 bar FPR from factory?

    Anyone know? Ta, Adam
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    Help! Possible EKTA query

    Can anyone tell me how many parts the rear bumper on an S3 comes in? i.e. Main bumper Black insert Bottom lip ..or are they all 1 part? I've just rejected my car's repair at the bodyshop on several counts, 1 being that the bottom lip is still knackered - they swear they've changed the bumper...
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    Aquamist Group buy - polling for interest

    Fiat Coupe owners club are doing a group purchase again. Last time the 1s unit was £249incl VAT !!!!! ...provisional prices thus far for the kit are: Part No Description 806 002 System 1s complete kit - £290 806 005 System 2s complete kit - £495 806 008 System 2c complete kit - £360...
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    Any TTDA/Boost machine/BAMM owners?

    Products here: Anyone running any or all of these mods? Opinions? Quite a few of the TT lot do.. Cheers! Adam
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    Any aquamist users here?

    There's a group buy going on at my old owners forum, just wondered if they were widely used on the 1.8T ? ...I'm thinking it'd be more effective than a FMIC and if an ethanol mix were used possible timing changes could be made also .. useful for us Revo SPS3 people Cheers, Adam
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    Suspension - where/what to buy

    OK, decided I want to turn my attention to the suspension - here's what I have on my shortlist. 20-30 mm springs (H&R/Eibach) Uprated shocks (Bilstein) Where's the best/cheapest place to get the above? Already have an R32 rear ARB at home along with spacers. Is the rear adjustable tie bar...
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    Currently running 18" RS6 reps and I'm told they're possibly the heaviest wheels possible Would changing the wheels for lighter ones make a noticeable difference in performance? If so which ones are worth going for? BBS CHs catch my eye, what kind of £££ are we talking for a set of 18s...
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    Damage estimates please chaps

    Happened yesterday, got rear ended while waiting at a roundabout on my lunch break. Bumper/tailgate are knackered..boot floor 'looks' ok - looks like she hit me ****** hard though, or do all A3s do this? Cheers, Adam
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    ETKA quickie

    Can someone tell me the part number for a std N75 valve for an AMK engined S3? (2001) ..asked VAGPARTS for one and I've been sent an 'H' valve - thought std one was an 'F' ?!?! Cheers, Adam
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    Traction control light staying on

    1st time it's happened. Noticed on the way in this morning that the light was on ... couldn't turn it off with the ESP button Restarted car and it's off again, will get VAGCOM plugged in tonight - any ideas? Seen this before? Cheers! Adam
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    Clutch pedal sticking

    Had it a couple of times today .. clutch doesn't return to normal height occasionally - not good today when I was launching enthusiastically, nasty smell of burnt clutch! Anyone know what casues this? And whatever it is is it likely to be covered by Audi warranty? Cheers! Adam
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    Chorus head unit question

    Any idea if it has the same connectors as the Concert / Symphony HUs ? Cheers! Adam
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    Custom A pillar pod

    Who'd be interested in one of these? A company called NomadRacing have made these for other cars and I've asked if they'd be interested in making one to fit Audi A3 and S3 models. Here is an example of their work: I had one of their...
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    Wheel bolts

    What size bolts are in my wheels right now? ...replica RS6s if that makes any difference. Need some longer ones, going to ask Rochford 1st should they ever answer their ****** phone! Cheers, Adam
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    Fitting rear ARB

    ...anything special need doing after? Does it affect rear wheel alignment/geometry at all? Cheers, Adam
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    More power please

    Lot of time on my hands - away on business and bored What are the current upgrade options for the S3 beyond a chip? So far I've read about: MTM - too rich for my blood and not after silly power Jabba - not many S3s running the IHI so a little nervous about this one Hybrid K04 - Some people...
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    Anyone fitted their own exhaust?

    Do-able on the driveway with a trolley jack? Or should it really be left to a garage with a 4 poster? It's the supersprint, so shouldn't have any fitment issues (fingers crossed!) Cheers, Adam