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  1. A3sportbackMark

    A question for those with a standard SE spec

    HI stee800, on my SE it is plastic around the outside, hope that helps. I do have a pic, but have problems attaching it using iPad, Appologies!
  2. A3sportbackMark

    How good is the sat nav?

    I have an option in the MMI to change the headlights when driving on the right hand side of the road. My car is an SE trim, but added the xenon light package, I think it's the xenon lights (or maybe adaptive lights) that provide this option. I don't have the tech pack, but have SD sat nav...
  3. A3sportbackMark

    Yes delivery date confirmed!

    The R prefix indicates It's registered in Theale (reading), but will cover all of Berkshire and probably a bit beyond. So not necessarily Audi Reading. Mine came from Reading and reg starts with an R.
  4. A3sportbackMark

    Spotters Thread For 8V Chassis

    Was just about to say "that was me!", but the reg doesn't match. I'll look out for it as I pass by the edge of Spencer's wood every day to work, look out for you too johnny.
  5. A3sportbackMark

    And so begins Fragup's Countdown Thread

    Hi fragup, seen your countdown thread is progressing and soon ready for car collection. Time has flown and you will soon be class of 63! BTW, have you chosen your location for your pics? :uhm:
  6. A3sportbackMark

    How many times did you alter your order once placed?

    Twice for me. first time added hold hill assist and SD sat nav, second time xenon light package. Very pleased that I did. Other fleeting options of advanced key and colour change, but stuck with what I had.
  7. A3sportbackMark

    Questions on the A3 before I collect the car tomorrow.

    I specifically asked for the Red AMI cable, but was given the Blue cable and USB cable. I have an iPhone 4, and it works fine with the Blue cable. Not sure about the iPhone 5, i've read somewhere you may need a lightening cable, but may be wrong on that. I was surprised to be given 2 Audi key...
  8. A3sportbackMark

    What do we know about the MMI in the A3?

    Mmmmm, interesting. I didn't know that, hadn't thought of the hardware/software behind the MMI. At work we used QNX in a project back in 2003
  9. A3sportbackMark

    Heated mirrors

    When I put them on, it's so easy to forget to switch them off, as they clear the raindrops so quickly, so good to know their operation. Hadn't thought of feeling them for warmth
  10. A3sportbackMark

    Heated mirrors

    Haha....indeed, just need coolguy and diesel doug!
  11. A3sportbackMark

    Heated mirrors

    The status of the heated mirrors can be seen on the DIS in the Car->efficiency mode menu, scroll to last option I think. this gives a list of things that contribute to eating into your mpg figures.
  12. A3sportbackMark

    Spotters Thread For 8V Chassis

    Nov 3rd M4 near Newbury Red A3 Sportback 13 plate TFSI twin exhaust pipes. The Audi passed me, pulled in front of and we cruised together for a mile until I pulled off the motorway. Anyone here?
  13. A3sportbackMark

    Help needed, music...

    If you are supplied with an AMI to USB cable, you can plug in your USB stick to one end and the other to the AMI. I was supplied with this cable (with an iPhone AMI cable) when I picked up my car 2 months ago. Speak to your dealer before collection and ask for them, they are quite accommodating
  14. A3sportbackMark

    Connecting an external HDD

    Thats correct. I connect the AMI to USB cable to the AMI and plug in a USB stick to play music. I have 3 sources of music, SD card, USB stick via AMI and iPhone connected via BT. In practice I only use the SD card.
  15. A3sportbackMark

    What should I ask the dealer to do/not to do?

    Simple..... Give me the keys! Lol About life shine, my dealer tried to sell me this at full price, then half price, then asked me what I was prepared to pay. When I picked up the car, it was it the boot for free! Before picking up the car, I impressed on the dealer I was expecting the AMI...
  16. A3sportbackMark

    So whats your default display option?

    At first I had mine on effiency, to see how efficiently my driving is. I wasn't aware how low the instantaneous mpg figure gets when you accelerate hard, sometimes single figures! Even in this case, I've found that its better, efficiency wise, to accelerate quite hard when going up hill than...
  17. A3sportbackMark

    So whats your default display option?

    Hi Dave, good point, have now put in where it belongs!
  18. A3sportbackMark

    FAQS - Frequently Asked Questions & 'How To' Guides On The 8V Chassis

    What can the DIS display? Before I got my car, I was unaware of what could be displayed on the DIS. There are really too many to list here and in many instances display multiple data, but can give you an overview, all controlled by the the 4 buttons on the left hand side of the MF steering...
  19. A3sportbackMark

    So whats your default display option?

    Before I got my car, I too was unaware of what could be displayed. There are really too many to list here and in many instances display multiple data, but can give you an overview, all controlled by the the 4 buttons on the left hand side of the MF steering wheel. There are 4 top menus 1. Car...
  20. A3sportbackMark

    Music failed to load

    Good point, didn't think of that. I'll keep an eye out if it's a particular track if it happens again, both times from the SD card.