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    For Sale RS3 sold - forge intake pipe and turbo inlet for sale

    As above, message me if interested, parts in good condition, bought second hand. Sold the RS3 on an impulse so never got the chance to fit! Sent from my VOG-L29 using Tapatalk
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    Forge intake pipe and elbow

    So managed to get these parts for a good price on the 'other forum' off a member. However all that came was the intake pipe itself, 1 of the silicone couplers, the turbo elbow itself and 3 jubilee clips Can anyone tell me if these parts alone will allow me to fit to the car? Lots more bits...
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    Brake servo error

    So this flashed up today, brake pedal can be occasionally very stiff on startup so thinking its possiblely linked? Turned the car back off then on and again and it went. Anyone had this before, is it a common fault? Sent from my VOG-L29 using Tapatalk
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    Refitting window trim

    So I've just taking off my rear passenger door window trim, at the top of the door. The dechrome I did was pretty poor quality so decided to rewrap it myself. Saw a few videos where the trim pops off so is easier to wrap than leaving on the car, sure enough it did and it was. However when...
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    Torque setting - spacers

    Am I correct in thinking wheel bolts need to be torqued to 120nm? Not sure if running spacers makes any difference? This is for a FL saloon running staggered setup, again not sure if that makes a difference. Cheers Sent from my VOG-L29 using Tapatalk
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    Intercooler questions

    So as much I've as said I'm done already with springs, spacers and tvs tune booked in over next few weeks I'm already looking at intercooler and intakes! It'll either be Revo of the Wagner Evo 1 as I don't want to modify the crash bar. I'm aware of the ebay Evo1 China copy but think I want to...
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    Dragy times

    So got sent to the shop for bin bags and fabric softner... Thought I'd take the chance to test out the dragy box. Unfortunately it didn't arrive on time to do a stock run as it was a late consolation for not being able to get it on the dyno. Running Revo Stage 1, Revo Panel Filter, Audi Sport...
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    Revo panel filter

    As above my panel filter came today, fitting it in advance of Revo stage 1 next week. Opened the box and there were a load of ITG filter leaflets in. Anyway turns out you can get the exact same filter but with an ITG logo for £50 instead of £67 for the Revo. The Racingline one looks exactly...
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    Number plate clips - help

    So I'm probably doing something daft here but ordered some number number plate clips from progressive parts to replace me old ones, as they hooked around to the front of the plate so are slightly visible. Both new clips attached to the plate and the old one at the top, picture attached for...
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    Revo Stage 1 + TCU map thoughts - TVS or other

    Pretty sure I know the route I'm going down but as always interested to hear people's thoughts. Booked in for Revo stage 1 next week and looking to get a TVS driveability map to compliment this. Main reason being Revo gives you overrun in sport and I find the stock TCU map is just not usable...
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    RS3 Saloon Spacers - staggered wheels

    So I've pulled the trigger on some eibach pro springs, 10mm drop. I also want to fit some spacers all round and have the staggered setup 8J/235 rear and 8.5J 255 front. What sizes and brands are people running? I'm looking at Forge ones which seem the best bang for buck in terms of a known...
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    Poor quality dechrome - full front end paint!

    Had a dechrome done in October as my car didn't come with the black pack. They put the quattro letters back on but did them off centre [emoji2357] so I decided to redo them today and whilst down there I noticed how much of a shocking job it was. Keep in mind I only bought the car in September...
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    Stage 1 - help and thoughts

    Options below, appreciate some thoughts on them: 1. Racingline stage 1 ECU and TCU 2. Revo stage 1 and TVS driveability TCU 3. MRC stage 1 ECU and TCU (from CM tuning in Leeds) 4. Custom stage 1 ECU and TCU from the Performance Centre in Sunderland, my local tuner 1. Matched ECU and TCU, free...
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    Racingline oem+ thoughts?

    Anyone ran Racingline oem+ software? Leaning towards a stage 1 Ecu and TCU tune, leaving the door open to stage 2 further down the road. They offer free ecu software upgrades and their TCU lasts from stock to stage 3. Sent from my VOG-L29 using Tapatalk
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    OEM RS badge vinyl

    Hi, Does anyone know where I can get replacement red vinyl for the square in the Rs3 badges. Both front and rear, to fit the OEM badges? Thanks Sent from my VOG-L29 using Tapatalk
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    Revo Stage 2 - incoming

    Hi guys, New to the forum as a recently new RS3 owner. I've been considering a remap and leaning towards Revo. Had a conversation with their hq today and they're expecting to release their stage 2 software as early as next month. Just thought others may be interested! Sent from my VOG-L29...