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    audi tt 225 intercooler options?

    Hi guys and girls. Right I'm after a cheap front mount intercooler so what are you guys running? Basically we are going to the ring this year so my little tt needs more power as I'm the slowest car going. I have stolen a few parts from my brother as he no longer has his s3 (his account hence...
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    White a3 tfsi with revo sticker vs Porsche. Was that anyone on here?

    Hi people. As above really, was on my way to Kidderminster to pick up a tt when I came across a white a3 on a 59 plate with a revo sticker on the rear. Just wanted to know if it was anyone on here? Was last week? we had a nice little race then a very quick chat at the round about.
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    2l tfsi in a 8l

    As above really. just wanted to know if it has been done yet? Im aware its been done in a few golfs but cant seem to find any in a 8l s3???? any info posted would be appreciated. :)
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    clutch options to go with a fidanza smf??

    right my brother has a fidanza ally smf that he has just kicking about (it was a spare he had for his old track rallye and is brand new and still boxed) the good little brother I stealing it! :) haha. would like to know what clutch you lot think would go with it? currently...
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    forgive me asn for i have sinned! :( on a serious note rods and injecters

    its been a long time since my last confession (post) I went to the dark side but I have seen the errors off my ways (Porsche) I am back to repent! haha right basically I got ****** off with my little s3 after my turbo passed away and my hybrid wouldn't pull boost (something to do with the...
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    Inlet manifold.....which one and how much?

    As above really. Just want to know what's best choice as of next month I will have plenty of pennies to spend on the s3 and a mani is a must! :)
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    No boost new turbo????

    Right I have fitted my brand new turbo to the s3 and I'm getting no boost? Even when I pull the pipe from the actuator To the n75 I still get nothing? Any ideas? Help please!
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    AGU valve and spring option?

    Right taking a step back from the poxy cupra (brothers back tomorrow so he can deal with it! Lol) now back on track with the s3. Brothers donating me a agu head for my little s3 so wanted to know a good valve and spring combo. He said cat cams springs and super tech valves? Well at least I think...
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    tech info needed please fault code inside.

    hello people, right my problem is im getting the engine management light coming up with the fault codes p1557 and i have no idea what it is! lol sorry but like i have explaind before im new to cars so im often in need off advice! my brother normally does all this for me but hes away at the mo so...
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    300bhp+ info needed please help!!!

    Right i know this has been done to death but i need a advice as im getting told different things by god knows how many dirrerent people!!! Right my aim is to crack 300bhp (for now!) but im struggling with the size injectors i need? Amd told me my standard injectors are fine, a very well know...
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    Wheel question. Info please

    Anyone have any ideas what size wheel adapters I need to run range rover sport wheels? It's been done before I know but love how they look on the s3 so getting them made up as soon as I have the info. Cheers
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    Manifold wrapping???

    Hi all, right quick question for you Lot. Just got a relentless manifold so wanted to know if you lot wrap these or not as I don't want to wrap it if they are prone to cracking! Cheers
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    Anyone know the size off the blanking plug I would need to get shot of my faulty dv??

    Hi people, as above really. Need to know the size so I can run a blanking plug until I get back from holiday. Don't worry this is just a temp thing until my service kit and new spring turns up! Current spring has become weak and is dropping boost. I'm able to get the plug in the morning so any...
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    Turbo help please. Tuffty u turbo geek I need ur input!! :)

    Hi people. What ihi turbo would I be lookin at for 300bhp ie one from s scooby?? Cheers
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    vw polo mk5

    hi all, after some vw polo 6n2 drivers door switches so if anyone has any they want rid of pm me please. cheers
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    Lowering help please.

    Hi all. Fitting my Coilys 2mz and wanted to know what adjustable tie bars everyone uses. Looking at forge Motorsport items but they aren't very wallet pleasing at that price! Will get some pics up when I stop being such a cave man and work out how to post them on here! Cheers.
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    Calling all vagcom geeks!

    Any of u lot with vagcom around the Milton Keynes area??? Need to do some logging on the car but don't own vagcom so that never helps! Just want to make sure she is all ok as 1min she seems to pull hard and then the next it feels as if it's holding back on me?? Had boost pipes changed when amd...
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    Haldex question??? Help please.

    Hi guys and gals, I'm looking to get a new haldex controller to make launching a bit more fun!! Is the r32 the same as the s3 8l in terms of bein front wheel drive until the front wheels begin to spin then gets the rear wheels involved??? Im after as close to 50/50 split as poss!! Any info would...
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    Does a mk4 golf door lock micro switch fit 8l s3???

    Hi all, just wanted to know if a mk4 golf micro switch would fit a 8l s3 as mine has started to play up and im able to rob a door lock from a pals mk4 golf that hes breaking??