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  1. Tony22593

    Audi A6 2010 3.0 tdi mod thread

    Hi all! Have really enjoyed Audi ownership again. 3 weeks in and I'm loving the car, but I have a few things planned for it. I have already done a couple of simple mods. Rear number plate led's and interior led's. I will post some pictures later on tonight. I did have some led fog light bulbs...
  2. Tony22593

    Back into an audi again! Help needed with Retrofits!

    Hi all, I should be picking up my new car tomorrow, it's a 10 plate Le Mans in ice silver 3.0tdi quattro. It has nice spec but it's missing a couple of no brainers I believe. I think it only has the electric lumbar adjustment, what is involved to upgrade this to full electric memory. The other...
  3. Tony22593

    A6 1.9 fwd dual exhausts!!

    Hi I'm knew on here and relatively new to audis, had mine for about 9 months now and I'm loving it. I like the look of my a6 but I think it's time to mod it up a bit! I'm trying so sort out a dual exhaust for it but not quite sure as it seems the fuel tank would block every route for the right...