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  1. wrighty01

    Heated seat retrofit problem

    After eventually getting my retrofitted heated seats working i have noticed the heater control for the drivers seat actually controls the passenger seat and passenger control heats the drivers seat. A kufatec wiring loom was used and i am thinking it is pre-wired for a LH drive car ie Germany...
  2. wrighty01

    Receiving email notifications

    Hi, is anyone else having problems getting forum email messages , i used to get them on my phone if anyone posted on a thread i was involved with or sent me a pm ,my correct email is still in my profile page and i still get all other emails to my phone just not Audi-sport net ones ?
  3. wrighty01

    Flat bottomed steering wheel fitment

    Hi all, is there any recommendations where i can get a flat bottomed steering wheel fitted to my A4 B8 2009 in West London area. I don't need the wheel just need someone to fit it. Thanks