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  1. jaydav2306

    2010 S3 Black Edition delivered today

    Take it back and get them do re-do it in gloss black rather than 3M! Looks so much nicer in gloss black! Out of interest what's the mileage and what did you pay??
  2. jaydav2306

    s3 engine light worry!

    Have you had it scanned yet? If so what was it?
  3. jaydav2306

    Newbie - potential S3 purchase

    I would say go for the facelift if you can, still absolutely love mine and I don't think the value has dropped that much due to the 8V, I was quite cheeky when I bought mine and offered the dealer 20K cash when it was up for 23K, pretty sure even now I would get 18K for it based on Autotrader...
  4. jaydav2306

    Rob's S3

    That's a good price though to be fair, was the Boxster really that bad?
  5. jaydav2306

    Rob's S3

    Nice mate how much did you pay for the motor if you don't mind me asking?
  6. jaydav2306

    My S3

    What made you take the tints on? How do you test? Mine are just as dark as that as you can see in my avatar but I have never once been pulled for them and I have been sat at the lights next to old bill loads of times, I bought the car like it so if I do ever get pulled I would plead ignorance...
  7. jaydav2306

    Please HELP! Need to know whether to buy this S3 or NOT? Thanks

    With that spec and mileage that has to be a cat C or CAT D for me, if it's not then it's worth more like 18.5K
  8. jaydav2306

    Audi black center cap hubs

    I'd be interested too if anyone knows? I'm after the exact same thing in the picture
  9. jaydav2306

    Audi S3 vs golf gti mk5 gti ed30

    You could kill this debate in one fell swoop... One is a an Audi and one is a Volkswagen, you'd be mad to take a VW over an Audi, enough said
  10. jaydav2306

    How to spot a Black Edition

    I have a late 2009 S3 and mines a BE... It has: Black Front Grill Flat Bottom Steering Wheel Piano Black Inserts Tinted Rear and Side Windows Although the front windows have been tinted too a slightly lighted gradient than the rear so that it all blends nicely... looks mean!
  11. jaydav2306

    Possibly buying an S3

    They do seem to hold their value pretty well, I haggled my S3 last year down from 22K to 20K and looking at the S-Tronics on AutoTrader at the moment mine is still worth £18,995. I've been looking at a TTRS but there is no way i'm going to part with my S3 for less than 18K. Lovely motors though...
  12. jaydav2306


    Wowzers! How did they manage to steal both? Did they break in and steal the keys?
  13. jaydav2306

    S3 Buying Advice.

    My advice is pretty much the same, if the car looks sound, get an AA check done and if that's all good knock them down as much as you can on price and then get a full service done with that money, new sparks, new cam follower (£35 ish), rev D dv valve (£50 odd quid) full oil change and boom...
  14. jaydav2306

    Problem with Audi

    Be good if you could post something up, worst case scenario they will have to get you a brand new engine, keep complaining and keep going back until you are happy, it's good that you got it from an Audi dealership you'd have a fight on your hands if this was elsewhere
  15. jaydav2306

    Problem with Audi

    Yep exactly and thats why Audi offer 12 months warranty, they should have known there was a problem with the car though, totally their responsibility, how anyone can say you arent covered by warranty I dont know
  16. jaydav2306

    Problem with Audi

    A little phone call to Audi UK wouldnt go a miss either
  17. jaydav2306

    Problem with Audi

    Well my advice to you my friend is take the car back where you bought it from, no way you could have starved it of oil in two months so its the dealers issue, If it was me I'd be taking it back and wanting a fix or a refund! By law you have 6 months and you should be able to prove that it isnt...
  18. jaydav2306

    Problem with Audi

    How long have you had the car and do you have dealer warranty left on it?
  19. jaydav2306

    Is now a good time to buy an S3..

    that and the 8V is a ****** eyesaw!! Hate the thing
  20. jaydav2306

    Audi s3 oil pressure warning light

    I think you need to clear is it the Oil Level Warning light or the Oil Pressure Warning, if it's the latter I would get the oil pick up pipe looked at immediately