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  1. pwnorman

    Has anyone here bought my old s3

    Sold it a couple of months ago had audi-sport sticker in top of back window reg will have been kh02 it had about 85k on the clock.
  2. pwnorman

    DOT notice

    treble have you seen that passat estate round york its got 4 flags sure i've seen it on a few footpaths.
  3. pwnorman

    Safety Cars at BSB - Oulton Park

    Saw them at donny bsb they sound the dogs dangly's goin rpund the rack at full tilt just wish i had 50grand to spend.
  4. pwnorman

    Would the plane take off?

    I'm going to send this to mythbusters on the discovery channel they normaly test aload of crap so something this interesting should get on.
  5. pwnorman

    911 conspiracy

    Watched this a while ago some things dont add up with what the us goverment say and evidence thats visible very intresting.
  6. pwnorman

    WOMENS RULES 4 THE WORLD CUP (football )

    Think i'll be copying this and giving it to my bird and copy's to all my mates other halfs.
  7. pwnorman

    What is this?

    I'll have the cd changer if your giving it away mine fubar
  8. pwnorman

    CD auto changer

    Ok checked the connector seems fine also made sure that cd's are'nt copies still not working hu coming up with loading disc's then next thing were back to the error dam thing.
  9. pwnorman

    CD auto changer

    Have been having problems playing cd's lately as the dam thing keeps showing on the head unit that theres a cd error and i dont have a clue what it is have had a look and still cant find owt now its really peeing me off so if anyone's got any ideas help would be great
  10. pwnorman

    Would the plane take off?

    Is tdi getting his mrs & friends to work as air stewardess seeing the origanal staff have gone on strike think i will be getting on the plane who would care if it took off with women like that. Still cant believe this is still going strong whats the world coming to.
  11. pwnorman

    Nice wedding shots

    Nice couple are'nt they well suited, does anyone think it will last i'm tempted you know oh god what am i doing think he'll give me a good kicking
  12. pwnorman

    F1 crashes vid

    Kind of agree with khufu remember watching that race thinking he'll be walking away but unfortuneatly not never really liked senna that much really till he had the ford v8 and drove like a demon at donnington in the rain and then the documentrys about his life etc, best one been when he told the...
  13. pwnorman

    Insurer recomendations?

    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] try privelage also [/ QUOTE ] I thought Privelage was only for posh people? [/ QUOTE ]Only in half of yorkshire old chap, have mine with adrain flux just started second year it droped by about £300 this year dont know why startin to think that i got ripped off last...
  14. pwnorman

    Would the plane take off?

    [ QUOTE ] About 90 KG. [/ QUOTE ]whats with the kg fatboy were you trying to chop your arm off to stop eating those pie's bit drastic way of dieting. My folks have been on holiday and come back in the lenght of this debate asked the old man if he saw any large conveyor belt near manchester...
  15. pwnorman

    Suprising Crash Vid

    Bet the kid who fell off the roof has saw ribs.
  16. pwnorman

    Big bill on way!!

    Had this done under warranty thank god but the bill would have been around that price they also said they have to change a belt which i cant remember what it was but its saved me paying for it on my next service so will be interesting when they say its due and i tell them it aint, whilst im on...
  17. pwnorman

    Best ever car accessories and tools....

    Was going to buy the plane conversion kit but its sold out have the conveyor belt on the way
  18. pwnorman

    Audi vs. pheasant - no winners

    Hope the bird sufferd gutted for you mate
  19. pwnorman

    Would the plane take off?

    Whilst im on how in the name of god did that french plane get like that must have been faulty belt system then they wonder why the french crashed concorde.
  20. pwnorman

    Would the plane take off?

    This must be some sort of record by now, hookie have all your 60 odd posts been on this thread dont know what the last one said i've lost the will to live or ever fly again as there's to many planes and conveyor belts at airports i may just have a mental breakdown.