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    MMI Blank

    The car was finally in to get this looked at (almost 3 months wait). The software version has been updated but it's a little too early to say it was a complete success. On the drive home cruise control and the drive select button was not working, however just when i was about to drive to the...
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    Cup Holders

    I had this issue, and while it was in for a service I got them to check, and it was replaced under warranty
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    MMI Blank

    Quick update, as I've said before the actual MMi power button wasn't responding, so I could not reset the MMI that way. I thought I would just quickly double check the 3 fuses which are mentioned in the manual that relates to the MMI. After I done this the MMI started working. I still have...
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    MMI Blank

    Sorry, but it doesn't for me. i have pressed and held the power button for several times time, all over 10secs and nothing..
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    MMI Blank

    I've had the MMI rebooting several times but this is the first time the mmi hasn't came on, frustrating as cannot change any settings or use the satnav. It is strange it only happened after it was in for the replacement of the the front cup holder. I guess i'll need to live with it for 3 weeks...
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    MMI Blank

    Tried that, still nothing. Everything appears to be running as the radio still works and the controls on the steering wheel operate the volume etc. However the audio control in the centre console don't appear to be working. This issue has only appeared after the car was in to get the front...
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    MMI Blank

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone has had a blank MMI screen, but the radio works. The steering wheel controls work but the button on the centre console does not work. Its a bit annoying as I cannot change any settings , set sat nav , operate my phone or see the reversing camera. Any work around...
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    The £40k Extra Excise Duty - RRP or OTR

    If you click the footnote on the price within the Audi configurator you get Recommended On-The-Road (OTR) prices include: delivery charge, half a tank of fuel, number plates, first registration fee at £55.00 and the first year's Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) (based on the 2022/23 VED rate). The...
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    The £40k Extra Excise Duty - RRP or OTR

    I also had this issue. But its the OTR price minus the first year road tax (i believe). Do note that the DVLA works this out at time on registering the vehicle and not at time of ordering. So if you spec'd a car up and it was under, but due to price rises and length of time it seems to take...
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    MMI navigation thru playlists

    Here's a link to a post that i created regarding playlists
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    OBD11 use on S3

    I've tried a few but got the lane assist one to work (ive set it to remember the last setting). I have the Pro so i was able to long code the RS tail light animation as well.
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    Rear USB socket

    When did they change this as i only have a 12v socket there. Is this something that could be replaced
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    OBD Mod

    Did you set all 3 options ? Its a very subtle sound
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    OBD Mod

    Nope mine is set to not active. You may have to reset the mmi
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    OBD Mod

    To get the lock/unlock acoustic conformation i had to enable the following Central Electronics 'Quittungston_hmi_einstellbar' option in the MMI to turn beep on/off 'Quittierungston_bei_entriegeln' beep at unlocking 'Quittungs_ton_bei_verriegeln' beep at locking The menu option appears under...
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    OBD Mod

    Ive managed to enable to ' Lock/Unlock Accoustic confirmation', i'll see if i can find what i done.
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    Anyone hardwired a dashcam yet (with parking monitor feature)

    Not had any issues with the fuse locations i used and they weren't any fuses in them to begin with (and I checked for both constant 12v and switched feeds). The only issue that i have, is I used the suction mount (separate purchase) for the Garmin dashcam, and it does fall off occasionally, as...
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    S3 Sportback spacesaver foam inserts?

    There's only a foam insert at the top (closet to the rear seats), there is no insert at the bottom (towards the bumper), and this was a factory space saver option.
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    Fixed Unable to PM

    Hi is there a number of posts you need to do in order to be able to PM a fellow member ?
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    Retrofit Matrix LED headlights to my new Audi A3 8Y

    Think i might be a numpty but cant seem to, is it down to the number of post someone has done ?