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    Audi TT 225 - banger project

    I'm in awe of your rebuilds. I first followed the A6 C6 Avant and recently came across your S2 and now this. Amazing work
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    S-Line front bumper trim removal (A6 C8)

    Thanks fro sharing Paul!
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    Audi A6 C8 - Dashboard Creaks & Rattles - Potential Resolutions

    Really useful guide - thanks for sharing. Reading through, am I right to understand the the screen area will come out on its' own, and without any "jemmying" but just by pulling? This is at the area I have noise....... TIA
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    Dreaded Passenger Dash rattle / creak

    Hi all, Had my 50 TDi serviced recently and the dealer had a go at fixing the rattle from the passenger side. It's actually gotten worse since then and I just wondered if anyone has had it fixed completely and if so what was the confirmed cause? On a positive, they installed all of the MMI /...
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    Which Oil?

    sorry for not replying - completely missed this! Ours is a 19 plate and after 8500 miles the oil level was showing below a quarter
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    Which Oil?

    Thanks gents
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    Which Oil?

    What oil would you guys recommend for the 50 Tdi? I need to top up soon and thought I'd check on here. TIA
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    Spare wheel / tyre part no

    Thanks for the replies - really useful :)
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    Spare wheel / tyre part no

    HNY everyone. Can someone please help me with a part number for the spare wheel & tyre for A6 C8 Avant - 50 Quattro? Or point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance
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    Updating my A6 does anyone know....

    Time has come to trade in my trusty A6 C6 Special Edition Avant and have picked up a great deal on a C8 50 Quattro - can't wait to pick it up! I've done a quick (inconclusive) google but does anyone know if: a) my current roof bars will fit the C8 b) if my current winter wheels / tyres will...
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    My A6 3.0TDi Avant bit of a rebuild and repair thread.

    I guess we all love a little bit of Tech Glad you’re enjoying the downtime.
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    Quick one

    Great work pal :)
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    My A6 3.0TDi Avant bit of a rebuild and repair thread.

    @B5NUT A bit off topic but still can’t believe we won’t be seeing any updates to the original post. Hope you’re enjoying the time you have back :)
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    Bluetooth streaming music from phone now working :-)

    Great thread and just what I need (I think). I have 3G MMI HDD so to recap I need to: - get and fit the AMI cable - reprogram MMI to turn cable on - get the Tune2Air cable Have I missed anything? Thanks in advance M
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    Exhaust flexi

    Good luck - keep us posted
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    Honeycomb fog grille mesh (RS6 look)

    Looks good. Mine's a dark Blue so think I'll possibly go for a black grill too - I think it looks good. Have you considered wrapping instead? Less time consuming :)
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    Messed up locks & remote

    Not sure if you have the same problem but sometimes the micro switches in the locks fail. You'll need to get the car scanned to be sure but take a look here: