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  1. M90KKL

    Audi A4 b8 LED drl recommendation

    I have some LED drls in my A4 b8 2011, they have replaced the halogen ones. They have gone, so I need some new ones. Does anyone recommend any error free LED drls I can use? Thanks
  2. M90KKL

    A4 B8 2011 2.0TDI fuel filter location?

    Can anyone tell me where the fuel filter is located on my A4 B8 2011 2.0tdi? And is it easy to chance for someone with limited mechanical knowledge? Thanks
  3. M90KKL

    How do remove from seats A4 B8 SE?

    As above, any tutorials or vids on how to remove from seats from A4 B8?
  4. M90KKL

    A4 B8 interior LED brightness

    Just installed LEDs into the interior and damn they're bright!! Is there anyway I can turn down the brightness? Thanks!
  5. M90KKL

    A4 B8 MMI crackling sound

    anyone ever had any issues with a crackling sound when using MMI? Happens occasionally when I have my iPhone connected. Iv tried 2 new MMI leads and it still happens. If I wobble the cable it can either fix it or make it worse! Can only imagine it's an internal fault or maybe the Apple...
  6. M90KKL

    Clutch slipping!!!! Disaster

    Clutch started to slip in 4,5,6th gear!! Thinks it's due to a remap. It's an A4 b8 136 SE 2011, Will it be SACHS or LUK kit?
  7. M90KKL

    Tail Light Modifications

    And I assume once Iv got this I'll need a laptop and software..? All above my head lol anyone Glasgow area that has the kit?
  8. M90KKL

    Tail Light Modifications

    How do I get hold of a VCDS and a cable for my motor?
  9. M90KKL

    Tail Light Modifications

    And how do I activate it?
  10. M90KKL

    Anyone fitted Cheapo coilovers?

    I fitted a set of FKs. And I know you won't wanna hear it but cheap coilovers are sh*t!!!! I chucked my after a few weeks and fitted some eibach pro springs instead. Got a nice comfortable ride with a drop of around 30mm. If you want coilovers to go lower then you'd be looking at throwing in...
  11. M90KKL

    Tail Light Modifications

    Can anyone make this understandable for someone with less intelligence I like the idea of brighter rear lights. So what do I gotta do?
  12. M90KKL

    Standard to Sline steering wheel swap

    fingers crossed!! I take it the 3 spoke airbag fits the flat bottom R8 style wheel too?
  13. M90KKL

    Standard to Sline steering wheel swap

    Looking forward to it! My current 4 spoke wheel feels like a bus wheels its massive!
  14. M90KKL

    Standard to Sline steering wheel swap

    any advice on swapping from a 4 spoke to 3 spoke s line steering wheel? Picked up a s line bag and wheel from eBay and going to attempt to fit next week to my B8 SE. I'm sure Iv seen on his it's a simple job. But would like a little step by step or any advice. Thanks K
  15. M90KKL

    A1 64 plate headlight projector install

    hi, new to this forum, I previously done a xenon projector instal on my a4 b8, it was easy enough. Has anyone done this on an A1? Just wanted to know if it's easy enough to split the headlamp and remove the reflector to instal the projector? Thanks
  16. M90KKL

    Post your B8 eBay, Classified and For Sale links in here. Do not create a thread

    X2 225/50/17 Michellin primacy (4-5mm) £35 collection Approx £50 inc delivery (depending on postcode)
  17. M90KKL

    Post your B8 eBay, Classified and For Sale links in here. Do not create a thread

    1 month old FK coilover kit for A4 B8 saloon (11 months WARRENTY) £100
  18. M90KKL

    A4 B8 Alarm not very loud?

    has anyone noticed has **** the alarms are on a4 b8s? Mine is an SE 2011 model, and noticed the alarm isn't very loud at all!
  19. M90KKL

    Help* suspension question?!?

    Yes JG is right it's a saloon @DPM I might just get lowering springs and be done with the coilovers all together. The ride is too harsh, I miss the comfort. Any recommendations for springs? Basically Iv for 19" rotors with 235/35 tyres, and I want it the same if not 10mm lower than what the...