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  1. Chris goodgame

    Toying with buying a s3

    Hi all currently own a 2.0tdi a3 s line stage 1. First a3 I've had love the car.. maybe I'm just chasing power boosts! Anyone made the change over before to an s3 ? So tempted. I don't do major mileage.
  2. Chris goodgame

    Alloy help

    Bought a 18inch audi alloy on eBay exactly. It's a fair bit off aa i tried to put it on how many types are there ? Heart broken lol.
  3. Chris goodgame

    Parking sensors

    Mrs struggling without parking sensors all the added extras on my a3 and no parking sensors is a bit mad. Is there a aftermarket kit to diy has anyone had much luck ? Thanks
  4. Chris goodgame

    Service due lights

    Have a 12 plate audi s line, do I need to take It to garage to remove the service due lights? I've tried the pulling the techno button to no avail. Cheers.
  5. Chris goodgame

    Cigarette lighter mod?

    Hi all recent new owner to a audi a3 s line 12 plate. Just wondering I've seen a few photos on here where people had modified the ugly cigarette lighter to say usb ports etc, where can I get the kit for this ? Cheers.