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  1. CraigRE

    What to look out for

    Hello all..a current b7 a4 avant owner here, I'm wanting to buy a a6 avant preferably the 3.0 litre. Not knowing much about them I was wondering if you gurus could enlighten me. What model is best Sline, se, lemans etc etc. Is there anything I should be carefully about when buying? Thing to...
  2. CraigRE

    How much oil does our cars use???

    Car = b7 2.0 tdi 140bhp sline engine code BRE My oil light has JUST come on saying it is low I got my car serviced at 52403 I had the oil shaft modification done It is now at 53872 Surely i shouldnt of used that much oil in 1469 miles? Cant see any oil patches Cheers
  3. CraigRE

    Spare wheel

    Im running 18s with 235 40 18 tyres i think No way no how will it fit in the spare wheel well Has anyone got a 18 spare wheel in the hole? If so what size tyre..or what modifiication to the well was done Pointless me even having the spare wheel in if it is the wrong size lol Cheers in...
  4. CraigRE

    Demon shine

    Morrisons are selling these for £12 £26 usualy i think
  5. CraigRE

    Lowering my car??

    Well with a 1/4 of my car hanging like an old wifes saggy tits, im thinking of lowering it anyways. no doubt fixing/replacing one OEM sline suspension will cost a small fortune thought i would find the good in this bad situation and upgrade the full whack! ..I mean its not as...
  6. CraigRE

    Bike carriers on roof racks

    I have an a4 avant b7.. This one is for the pedal bike enthusiasts. Ive just acuired a set of thule roof bars Question is Which bike carriers do yous recomend? Obvious in wanting sturdy and reliable...dont want my bike beating me in a race going down the road! Im also wanting something quick...
  7. CraigRE

    Brakes/disc upgrade

    Im currently running the standard setup on my 2.0ltr turbo 140bhp sline 288 i think? (Front) I have know idea what i can or cant fit. The only thing i do know is, these are **** lol Thet also look tiny and **** lol Any help on what i can fit as an upgrade And what will i need to...
  8. CraigRE

    Will an a3 8l armrest fit in my b7

    As title says
  9. CraigRE

    Roof rack set up/mountain bike

    Ive been looking into getting a roof rack What set ups do yous have, i know you need the roof rack...but then what else do i need to get to secure my bike to the rack? I have been looking for a thule one mianly because i like how low down to the car it looks (and a black one lol) But jeeeez...
  10. CraigRE

    Brakes/disc upgrade

    Hey hey everyone I have the 2.0 140 sline short i think the brakes are tosh Im used to have better brakes lol Can someone tell me what brakes/disc size i have now And also what i can upgrade to...maybe even include a rough price Cheers
  11. CraigRE

    Retro fitting puddle lights

    This has probaby already been asked...and a thread on it But theres so many of different ones...with different cars and what have you 2.0 140 sline avant (dont know if it will make a difference) My door cards have not got puddle lights (so i gues they wont have the cables inside ready to go?)...
  12. CraigRE

    Leather interior from b6 to b7

    As title says Will the leather interior from b6 -b7 be a straight forward swap It is from an avant so the seats will fold down Is there anything to consider?? Door cards the exact same? Will it need to be vagcomd to sort the airbag lights out etc after (unpluging b7 current seats..and pluging...
  13. CraigRE

    Hartside 10.4.16

    If yous are not allready get yourself on Just another reason to meet up and talk **** lol Northeast audi owners club
  14. CraigRE

    Which alloys/colour

    Calling all audi fanatics! I know yous all have an opinion.. so lets have them. Im having trouble deciding what other alloys to get for my car....and what colour to get them At the minute i have two sets of these 5 spoke alloys (rs ones are they?) I just cant decide what colour alloys would...
  15. CraigRE

    Audi meet Angel of the north 16.1.16

    There is a meet tomorrow at the angel of the north Starts at 1pm It has been organised from a facebook group Some of yous may already be on it And may also be going If yous can make it, it would be great Also give a yes or no if yous are on thr facebook group
  16. CraigRE

    Gear selection/cluth

    Hello everyone Car is Avant b7 140bhp current mileage =50599 Problem is as follows When selecting gears mainly lower ones 1-2-3 they all feel abit lumpy instead of going in smoothe Especialy when at lights and in neutral...then when i shift into 1st gear...sometimes i have to put it back into...
  17. CraigRE

    What fits from other cars

    What parts fits the b7 from other cars? I.e i look around on this and other forums and i see you can fit certain parts from other models such as b6 etc and also other vag cars For example People fit Q5 rear window wiper. There is a page on the b6 side where people are fitting a Mk5 golf...
  18. CraigRE

    Soft spot for anything oldskool

    Im 24 and like anything with a decent rythem I have a 32gig memory stick in my car with pretty much everything you can think of Acdc-elvis-abba-rave-some monkey-rock-bob name it i have it But i always love listening to old skool music Such as Old skool piano mixs Happy...