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  1. VTEC_Killer

    Audi Connect - no vehicle code & no Safety & Service module

    Any else in a similiar position as me of not being able to become primary Key user for your A6? I've managed to complete varification steps but can't get the last one done as my vehicle doesn't have/didn't come with the 10 digit vehicle code. So no vehicle code, means no key user! I wanted to...
  2. VTEC_Killer

    Time to say goodbye to the B6

    After 13 years, it's time to say goodbye. Anyone interested in a 1.9TDI Sport (2004) - please check the Classifieds. I'm not moving far, needed a bigger car so got myself a A6 C7 Black Edition :-D
  3. VTEC_Killer

    Sold 2004 Audi A4 (B6) 1.9TDI GMBH Sport with RNS-E Sat Nav: 4 Dr Saloon in Akoya Silver

    After 13 years of ownership, it is with reluctance that I’m selling my awesome Audi A4. I bought the car in February 2006 from a work colleague (mileage was 30,100) – so this is a 2 owner car from new. Current mileage is 159,450 Not seen many with a similar spec which includes RNS-E Satelitte...
  4. VTEC_Killer

    Retrofitting Door strip lighting

    Guys, I do like the look of C7 with the door strip lighting, looks very cool. My c7 doesn't have the lighting pack (even though most of the lights are LED but the puddle light is ambient) Has anyone retrofitting the to the strip light on the doors? Thanks!
  5. VTEC_Killer

    Looking for a 2015/16 2L Black Edition - Advice needed

    As title, I'm on the look out for a new car and have my eyes on a 2015+ 2L Black Edition. Which options are a must? Having had a brief search, looks like the Technology Pack is a great addition with the bigger screen and colour DIS. Any others that I should consider in my search? If anyone is...
  6. VTEC_Killer

    A4 B6 Camber adjustment (garage recommendation)

    Took the car to ATS to have all the wheels aligned. Result was the alignment is out aswell as the camber. They couldn't do the rear camber and apprently front isn't adjustable; is this true? Can anyone recommend a place in West Yorkshire that can align/camber adjust the settings? Thanks in...
  7. VTEC_Killer

    Finding the RNS-E before removing the unit

    Guys, How do I find the RNS-E code on my unit? I need to remove it but need the code before I remove it. Engineering mode? The unit was a retrofit which I did about 10 years ago. Thanks in advance!
  8. VTEC_Killer

    RNS-E removal

    Looking to take the RNS-E out of my B6. I have the keys to take it out; anything I need to look out for or others that need to come out with it? Thanks!
  9. VTEC_Killer

    DS Window mechanism broken?

    Seems like the mechanism on the driver side window is messed as the electric window won't go up or down. I had to manually push it to the top; the motor does seem to work as I wirls when pressing the button but looks like the window has popped out of the unit. Any suggestions on what the issue...
  10. VTEC_Killer

    Updating maps/firmware from 2009!

    I haven't updated my maps on my RNS-E since 2009; does anyone provide the 2015 maps disc? If so, will I be ok to update from 2009 to 2015? Thanks in advance!
  11. VTEC_Killer

    Coolant warning light on DIS

    As title, this came on when I started the car from cold, stayed on for a few mins and then went off. The warning came back on when on the way to work (it is a red temp gauge with 2 squiggly lines) I checked the water and coolant levels a week ago, all was fine. I've read this warning is for...
  12. VTEC_Killer

    Replacement MOLL Battery, where from?

    Think it is time to replace the battery on my 2004 1.9 TDi - I've checked and it's a MOLL make, anyone know where I can buy the same battery from? thanks!
  13. VTEC_Killer

    VAGCOM Error on ABS brakes

    Can anybody help with the following error code from VAGCOM: Address 03: ABS Brakes Controller: 8E0 614 517 Component: ABS/ESP front 3429 Coding: 04255 Shop #: WSC 06435 1 Fault Found: 65535 - Internal Control Module Memory Error 00-00 - - I've cleared it and it...
  14. VTEC_Killer

    Turbo not kicking in - loss of power!

    Car was running ok this morning, then it felt that there was no 'surge' as if the Turbo wasn't kicking in. Continued on my journey for 8 miles (mainly flat, so no big issue) but as soon as I got to a hill, the car was in limp mode - no power at all to climb the hill (car really struggling)...
  15. VTEC_Killer

    Kitchen appliances . . . . Where to look??

    Need some pointers guys; I'd normally look on websites such as Curry's/Dixon etc but knowing there are cheaper places elsewhere I just don't know where to look! I'm in need of the following very soon - can anyone recommend where to find a good purchase? - Washing Machine & Tumble Dryer -...
  16. VTEC_Killer

    Any Builders here?

    Guys, I'm in need of some advice (or 2nd opinon) regarding a dormer extention! I've been told that becase my house has a 'low pitch roof' that the proposed dormer can not go any further in (i.e extending out) from 1.7m from the outside wall/gutter! The reason for this is the low pitch roof...
  17. VTEC_Killer

    Will S4 Xenons fit into a standard A4?

    Will a set of S4 xenon headlight units (from a 2004 model B6) fit straight into standard A4 B6 2004? Correct me if I'm wrong; the socket is plug & play and will fit like the current unit and won't need any special plug adaptors? Part number for S4 unit is 8H0941004BB! My car is 1.9 TDI Thanks...
  18. VTEC_Killer

    Cambelt change for 1.9TDi

    Guys Does £290 sound like a good price for a Cambelt/Waterpump change? Cheers
  19. VTEC_Killer

    Retrofit Head Visers with Vanity Lights

    Hi Guys, Is it possible to retrofit the driver/passenger head visers with ones that have the vanity lights?? You would think that such things were standard on a Audi - tight baskets! :asskicking: Appreciate any help if someone has done this :icon_thumright: Sheraz
  20. VTEC_Killer

    Parking Sensors Retrofit

    I fitted the genuine Audi parking sensors to my A4 (B6) yesterday and it is well worth the retro fit - if anyone is thinking of doing this then I would highly recommended it :icon_thumright: I didn't do a How 2 guide but if anyone needs any help on doing this; I'll be happy to advise. I'll...