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    Air filter / service question

    Hi every one does this air filter look new to every one ? thanks
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    A3 fl rear drl

    Hi all I have a 2019 a3 sline and rear drl lights are on with the fronts I know I could code the pfl but is this a option on the facelift ? As I can’t see the vcds option thanks
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    Exhaust options

    Hi all I have a 2019 a3 saloon 2.0tfsi 190 Quattro does any one know what exhaust would fit to make it sound A little bit deeper as it’s very quite and would like a bit deeper sound. I’m sure it has the ppf fitted Thank you for any advice
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    Tyre pressures after new alloys

    Hi all I have brought a set of 19 inch wing arm alloys for my Audi A3 saloon 2.0 40tfsi s-tronic my card for tyre pressure only states 18inch wheels that are the original does any one know what pressures I should be running as this model is not as popular as most Thank you
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    A3 saloon window trim retain clips

    Hi all I have removed my trims from above the the windows but I can not remember the way the 3 differnt colour retain plastic clips went if any one has any ideas please colours are 1 yellow 1 green and I think 1 blue ? thanks
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    Tyre pressures

    Hi all I am a little confused on what tyre pressures I should be running car is a3 saloon 2.0tfsi 190 Quattro. Also here is a photo of my pressure label my tyres are 225/40 18.
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    A3 8v saloon chrome window trim

    Hi all I am trying to remove the chrome trim around my windows on a a3 saloon so I can have them painted they seem really tight could anyone advise how they come off ? thanks Dan
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    Intermittent high idle

    Hi all I have noticed my vehicle idling high 1000-1100 randomly even when cold I seem to have noticed it since having the cam belt and water pump changed. They say that would not cause that problem any input would be appreciated car is a 2015 a3 2.0tdi 150 CRLB engine I believe ? Thanks Dan
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    For Sale A3 8v parts/retrofit dynamic lights mib2

    Hi all will have the below coming up for sale in about 7days a3 saloon dynamic rear indicators with looms for pfl conversion like new condition only used for 8weeks also have the covers for the bolts that are needed for facelift conversion. Looking offers around £450 + postage also I have...
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    Help with foot well lights

    Hi all I have fitted some footwell lighting and cup holder led following the guides on the forum. I done my cup holder 1st and was working fine dimming via mmi etc. I have connected the footwell lights up and done the coding i have the controls in the mmi menu but it does not let me adjust via...
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    Mib2 upgrade

    Hi every one while been off work due to covid19 I decided to buy a mib2 setup with 7inch display I have fitted it all and it is all working. I just have a few problems the star button on the steering wheel used to change my drive select modes but now does nothing also my sat nav button does not...
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    Audi A3 saloon subwoofer

    Hi there I am in progress of fitting a centre speaker and subwoofer in my A3 saloon I have seen the speaker that sits in the spare wheel and one that sits in the parcel shelf bit on the back any idea what one would be best ? Also would it be still be functional of built in mmi? As per the spare...
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    Purchasing vcds

    Hi all I am looking for some info where to buy vcds from as I have 3 vag vehicles now 2012 golf gti Vw caddy Audi A3 limousine I have seen this Has any one had any experience with this website ? Or can recommend some where ? thanks Dan
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    Rain sensors help

    Hi there does any one know the difference between 8U0955559b & 8U0955559C. As when I spoke to Audi they said 8U0955559B has been replaced with 8U0955559C. So I have brought the C version but it keeps saying controls module incorrectly coded my vehicle is 2015 am I going to need the B version ? i...
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    Enabling subwoofer and more

    Hi everybody, I am fitting a centre speaker and sub to my Audi A3 saloon with basic 8 speaker system. Also going to retro fit the auto lights does any one know if this could be done with obd11 pro ? As my friend has one of these if so could you please post what needs to be changed thanks Dan
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    Newbie after advice on retrofitting

    Hi all I brought a Audi A3 S line recently 2016 model I have been browsing the forum and interested in doing the following retro fits Auto lights - what code rain sensor would I need and headlight switch ? ( I have xenon headlights with front and rear fog lights ) a boot subwoofer - I can...