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    Whoever knows the answer to this gets a fabulous prize...

    acc to this Ti Kan: Audi Radios delta is proprietary (alpine) based, whereas the symphony changer is Mat****a (Panasonic) based. so I think this is a no go...
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    Before and after pics of interior LED upgrade

    I concur with b5squat, I got the same car, same kit. Last night was the first time I went for a night drive, and the illumination is awesome, in fact, it may be too much.! The biggest noticeable difference to me was the footwell lights...I previously didnt even realise they were there, now I...
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    Interior LED Upgrade

    t8ups, pm'd you , thanks. re: plate lights, how difficult a job is that to do? if it is simple-ish then I'll go for the plate light combo pack :-)
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    Interior LED Upgrade

    B5QUAT and me got the same lights. there's also ones in the rear headliner (centre) and two in the front above the sunvisors..
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    Interior LED Upgrade

    i'll take some pics on the weekend if nobody else has replied by then...
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    Interior LED Upgrade

    1) Dan A4 Avant (Pre-facelift) 2) Geeman - '99 S4 Avant (Pre-facelift) 3) MadMax2 - '00 S4 Sedan (Facelift)
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    Interior LED Upgrade

    if you do work out a complete car kit price then add me to the list pls.. facelift s4, sunvisor lights in headliner.
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    My First Audi, my first VAGCOM scan, thoughts

    thanks for the info guys, I cleared all codes yesterday, fixed the connector under the seat for Airbag light problem, went for my usual drives to and from work this today, rescanned these are the only ones that remain...
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    My First Audi, my first VAGCOM scan, thoughts

    Hi guys, quick intro defected from bmw to audi (long time bmw owner), managed to pick up a fairly nice B5 S4 2000 facelift but with old style badges, black outside /silver leather/carbon fibre combo in March and been loving it ever since. Been lurking and reading up on B5's since then and...
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    B5 S4 diagnostic repair manual by Bentley

    I personally would love to have access to this...
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