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    Changing lock set.

    After having my s4 stolen and receive red last weekend I've sourced a 2nd hand lock set and I'm planning on fitting it all myself. Anyone on here done it before and can offer me some tips or a guide on how to go about it, I've looked on elsawin but can't find what I'm after... Tia
  2. W1LD R

    How to remove a key fob from ecu

    Lastnight some low life scum came in my house and took keys to my S4 and the wife's zafira whilst we was in the kitchen, they took the S4 and abandoned it the other side of town, luckily it's trackered up so was found very quickly unmarked, but they still have keys for it. I have VCDS, can I...
  3. W1LD R

    Front Mud flaps for S4

    Just wondering if there is any difference between Normal a4 mudflaps to ones that will fit an s4, an Audi dealer that flog on eBay replied to a message I sent saying they wouldn't fit my s4? Cheers
  4. W1LD R

    S4 to rs4 rear brake conversion.

    I'm planning on upgrading my brakes all round, using brembo 18z on the front and rs4 rear discs and calipers, anyone got any fitting tips for the rs4 rears? I've read online about fitting them to the rear of a b6 s4 but not a b7...
  5. W1LD R

    Bluetooth retrofit help.

    Hi guys/gals, have just purchased a full bluetooth kit to fit to my 2005 b7 s4, genuine Audi part number 8P0862335s, it's got a retrofitted Rns-e unit and also a retrofitted MFSW from a b8. I've plugged all the wires into my rnse today and connected mic up etc, I can now use sds no problem and...
  6. W1LD R

    What can I do with vcds

    Having recently purchased vcds I have already fitted and coded my mfsw and cruise control to my s4, I've turned off seat belt warning and turned on press clutch pedal warning on startup (which doesn't actually stop it starting??), but what else can I do? Any little things I can tweak like needle...
  7. W1LD R

    Vcds purchased from advanced in car.

    Just like to say a big thanks to Tim (cruiser89) for the speedy service and communication whilst dealing with my order for my vcds, arrived as promised and even got a tin of Mints in the box! 110% happy with everything! Thanks again Tim.
  8. W1LD R

    Mfsw and cruise retro fit 2005 s4

    Looking at retro fitting the above, I'm new to all this (had a Land Rover for last 5 years) but I understand the steering wheel module and slip ring will have to be changed to accept the cruise and MFSW, I have found a replacement set of stalks with cruise, slip ring and steering module, these...
  9. W1LD R

    B7 S4 Interior And Number Plate Lamps

    Hi, please could you give me a price for all the interior bulbs and number plate lamps in led versions. (Saloon with puddle and footwell lamps) Thanks Ryan
  10. W1LD R

    2005 S4 clutch judder.

    Having owned the car for just over a week it's hit me with a problem, when the engine is upto temp the car judders when setting off in 1st gear, it's pretty hard without revving the engine up first to set of without it juddering, when it's cold it's perfect, I've been told it's probably due...
  11. W1LD R

    Flashing NS headlight 2005 S4

    Hi guys, just purchased a 2005 S4 last thurs, couple of little niggles with it, 1st is NS headlight xenon main beam flickers on and off, checked all connectors and all seem ok, what else can I check? 2nd is headlamp washers stay out after being used, and have to be manually pushed back into...