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    Sportback Spark Plug help!?

    Hi guys, really could use some help and clarification on this matter. running a Stage 2 PFL RS3. oem plugs are £115 from my local Audi dealer. what alternatives are there? From researching online I have found Denso VKH22 and the IKH24. I have seen the NGK competition ones for £160 odd...
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    RS3 PFL Decat but no map?

    Hi, Having a debate with a friend and wanted more experienced views on this... I’m under the impression on the Rs3 8v if you have a primary decat fitted am I right in thinking it will chuck the eml on and limp mode? I have read that the turbo spools too much with a decat and therefore causing...
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    PFL Not enough pops and bangs?

    Hi guys, I think I’m loosing my marbles here but I have a late 65 reg Audi RS3 PFL with the dynamic package etc and the usual shabang. My cousin has a 16 plate PFL with the exact same set up as mine. We both have milltek secondary cat deletes. No other mods. His has done 45k and mine has...
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    Rs3 valve control programming?

    Hi guys, Sorry I know the title is a bit iffy but I understand the Rs3 exhaust is valve controlled for example in dynamic it is open in 1st gear then shuts off till a certain rpm. Is there a way to programme the valves so they stay completely open on dynamic regardless of Rev and then you...
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    My RS3 is here!

    And here she is! Only 17k miles and over £12,000 of optional extras. I couldn’t of been happier! Already fitted the Milltek secondary cat pipes and I am having ghost fitted today. Anything else can anyone recommend!?
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    New Rs3 owner!

    Hi guys, After browsing the forum for ages I have brought a 2015 white Audi Rs3 picking it up next week. Pretty much fully loaded! Can’t wait to join the Quattro gang again! Previously I owned a MK5 R32 then brought a 2012 Audi S3 which was stage 2. Sold that brought a Mercedes C63 which I’m...