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    Manual Boot Release

    Hi, I own a 2010 Audi A6. The boot wont open with the fob or normal boot release at the rear of the car. I dont have an internal boot release. There is no valet mode on my car as far as I am aware. I am assuming the actuator or something has died. Which is fine. But here is my problem...
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    Installing an after-market Amp / Sub to standard headunit

    Hi All, I wanted some more bass so I have started to install my after market amp & sub into my Audi A6 2007. I am having an issue and I need some advice and help. I have searched on google and Audi forums but I can find the answer to my question. I found old threads but couldn't find...
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    Driver Side Door Lock Doesn't Always Open...

    Hi All, Recently when I press my key fob to unlock my car, the drivers side door doesn't always open first time? I have to lock and unlock the doors repeatedly until it does, usually about the 3rd time.... This never used to happen before and now it has happened many times over the last few...
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    Wheels Advise

    I have seen some wheels for sale and wondered if fitment would be ok for those of you who know a little more about offsets etc. 20" Rim 9.5j PCD 120 ET 41 Any good? My car currently is completely standard
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    Hi Everyone - I bought my 1st Audi A6

    Hi All, I used to be over at the A3 forum but after 1 short year of ownership I really needed a bigger car. For those who don't know, I had a 2007 2.0 tdi Sline Audi A3 and I now own a 2007 tdi Sline Audi A6. The difference is very noticeable and after 2 days of ownership I am so pleased...
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    Unexpected Surprise...

    Hi all, Soooo... yesterday I get a message from one of my friends on one of my pictures on Instagram of my Audi saying.... "got a sat nav for you, call me". So, I call him. I meet up with him and get the rns-e and walk away with a huge smile. I asked what I owed him and he said nothing...
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    Head Unit

    Hi, I have seen a head unit on ebay - seems to look pretty good - for the price anyways. Does anybody have any experience with this? 7'' AUDI A3 2003-2011 CAR GPS DVD Player HD Screen Bluetooth Radio Stereo Canbus | eBay I am considering buying it as a treat to myself but before...
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    What Oil do you recommend?

    All, I have a quick question, I need to top up my engine oil, what oil should I use? I have a 2007 2.0 Tdi. Thanks
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    coolant warning

    Every time I top up my coolant - the following day or few days later - I get another warning on the dash to top it up. I check and its gone. I cant see a leak anywhere. No puddles or evidence of a leak. Kinda weird. Any suggestions?
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    Electric Folding Mirrors

    Hi All, I have an Audi A3 '56' plate 2.0 tdi sline. I was wondering if I could fit electric folding mirrors? I know on one of my older cars (Nissan) I had these wired up to the alarm so when the fob was pressed they folding in. My Audi doesnt have electric folding mirrors - I manually fold...
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    Audi A3 front pop-out cup holder

    Part number: 8PO 862 534C Hi All I have an Audi A3 2.0 TDI S Line 2007 and wondered if the above part number is suitable (been doing forum searches)? I have read on other threads that with slight modification it can work... I have a double din stereo? My main question is, is it only part...