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  1. beaker

    Canned fish anyone?
  2. beaker


    Hi, car in for service today and they found a bulge in the offside front tyre :( I'm getting them to replace it as thats not a good thing but it will mean I have 8mm one side and 5mm on the other. Will that be a problem? I thought of getting them to swap the rears but they are on 4mm.
  3. beaker

    Sky Surf Talk See

    Anyone got this package? It seems like a really good deal. £26 all in for basic Sky, free evening/weekend calls and 8mb broadband. Thinking about going for it as my current BT Yahoo broadband is £22 alone. Any comments on service/speed etc in relation to the Sky broadband would be helpful.
  4. beaker

    Bike Sales

    I know theres a few bikers on this site so does anyone know of any websites that allow you to advertise one for free?
  5. beaker

    Any sparkies in the house?

    If there are, can one of you tell me if the TV aerial socket carries a lot of voltage and/or current. I keep getting zapped when connecting my TV and I've never had that happen before.
  6. beaker

    DivX DVD Player

    Hi, Been looking around for a DVD player that can handle DivX and pretty much anything else thrown at it. Seems its the cheapo ones that are more fully featured. Does anyone have any recommendations? Found these two on ebuyer...
  7. beaker


    Hi, I'm off for a trip through the Baltics in a couple of weeks with some mates, ending up in Lithuania to hopefully see Scotland take some points from one of the few games we might actually win in this qualifying group. Trip starts in Helsinki, then onto Tallin, Riga and finally Vilnius...
  8. beaker

    Brake Fluid

    My A3's on the variable service but I noticed that the sticker the dealer has marked up states that I'm due a brake fluid change about now, though my next service probably won't be for another 15k. Is this normal? Should I be taking it in before the next service to get this looking at?
  9. beaker

    T in the Park

    Anybody here going? I'm there both days, can't wait!
  10. beaker


    Fresh from the bean flicking vid, I thought I'd post this little gem...
  11. beaker

    Average Speed Cameras

    Just seen a couple of sets of these have been installed on the A90 between Perth and Dundee. Horrible things. Don't think they're active yet as there are no signs for them. I'm heading down to Malmesbury at the weekend, leaving from Edinburgh. Does anyone know of anything like this that I...
  12. beaker


    Does anyone know what the deal is with your address details on your licence and registration documents? I am changing address at the end of the week but will be changing again at the start of August when I move into my new flat. Should I just wait till then to change everything or do I need to...
  13. beaker

    Scotland 5 Bulgaria 1

    Who'd have thunk it? We don't need the World Cup...bring it on!
  14. beaker

    Carrera GT

    Spotted one of these on my way to Glasgow last weekend. Somewhere near Stirling. Doubt there's many in the UK. Lucky B!
  15. beaker

    Help from the IT bods.

    I keep getting blue screen of death on my PC. Happens a hell of a lot. What sort of stuff causes this? I'm thinking it might be my RAM but I'm not sure.
  16. beaker

    Rusty Discs

    I've noticed that my brake discs seem to be getting a rusty coating if I leave the car sitting unused for a couple of days or more. It goes away when I use the car the brakes make a horrible noise when I first use them, presumably as the coating is being rubbed off. Is this normal? Is it...
  17. beaker

    Off to Brussels

    Off to Brussels tomorrow for a Stag Do. If anyone has been and can recommend some good pubs/clubs then please do. Can't wait. 7am kick-off. I can smell the beer already!
  18. beaker

    Bored with your Audi?

    Maybe a change is on the cards...
  19. beaker

    Animals at home

    Go on, you know you want to...
  20. beaker

    One for the Geeks

    This is brilliant! Never played the game myself and this is one of the reasons why. Plenty of geeks at work that live and breath it though.