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  1. nluk100

    Iddle issue after timing belt replacement

    Seems you can adjust the idling speed using vcds I know this make not explain why the revs are higher but maybe your mechanic adjusted it?
  2. nluk100

    rumbling through car when over 35mph

    Check the dounts on your prop (both ends) as these are known to tear, especially when modded.
  3. nluk100

    S3 fueling issues

    I had an issue with my std FPV at stage 2 on my S3, they must not like being pushed too much. For the sake of a £50 RS4 I would swap it out.
  4. nluk100

    Audi S3 No power/limp mode/Misfire

    Have you checked the DV as suggested above? These are known to split. Also, check the intercooler connections (you will see oil near the connections if they are leaking). Your symptoms sounds like a major boost leak.
  5. nluk100

    HPFP failure/testing

    See if you can borrow VCDS as some of the generic readers don't always display all the error codes in all the modules. If you give us a general idea where you are someone may be able to help scan the car with vcds.
  6. nluk100

    HPFP failure/testing

    What diagnostic tool are you reading the codes with?
  7. nluk100

    Help…. s3 8p won’t start after stalling earlier

    The one on the fuel rail - you can fit the RS4 one before the map goes on as it won't make any difference with the std map, however the std items are known to fail, so I'd fit it, especially if you already have it.
  8. nluk100

    Help…. s3 8p won’t start after stalling earlier

    Have you replaced the FPR valve as these can fail over time (although I've not seen them prevent the car from starting)?
  9. nluk100

    S3 misfire

    Injectors is a good shout, may not be able to supply the extra fuel for a cold start hence the misfire / poor running. Did you check the usual suspects i.e. PCV and dipstick as these can cause issues too?
  10. nluk100

    Retrofit: Power Folding Mirrors

    Do a search on the forum as this is a popular topic. Are you aware that they won't fold automatically when you lock the car?
  11. nluk100

    One caliper doesn't bleed manually but does with pressure bleeder

    I would check the pipe between the abs pump and the wheelwell first - maybe run a new temp line straight from the pump to the caliper to see if there is an obstruction. With regards to the servo, there is a seal at the back of the master cylinder that can leak fluid into the servo regardless of...
  12. nluk100

    One caliper doesn't bleed manually but does with pressure bleeder

    Did you check or replace the actual brake servo or just the brake cylinder as I watched a video the other day of an internal leak within the servo itself with no other obvious issues with the braking system? I know this would usually affect your entire braking system, but you seem to have...
  13. nluk100

    Just got the callipers sprayed, what do you think?

    Is it a reflection or is there overspray on the discs, near the centre? Fronts look good, what calipers are they?
  14. nluk100

    APR Stage 2+ 8P S3 black smoke under heavy acceleration

    Splutter not normal, even if left for weeks on end. Maybe have your injectors checked out as they are known to leak with age, and this could lead to more serious trouble. Have you checked obvious stuff like dv, leaking IC pipes, plugs?
  15. nluk100

    2005 TFSi 2.0 A3 both radiator fans not coming on at all

    The fan pack failing is a fairly common problem on the 8P's - take a read of this post -
  16. nluk100

    Will this wheel fitment fit my sline 2011 a3 8p3 sportback 5 door

    ET42 with 8" are ok on the rear, but you may need to remove the wheelarch screw. I had 8.5 ET42 on 19's and it would only rub with rear passengers on speed bumps (std ride height)
  17. nluk100

    Parasitic Drain BUT not found using two multimeters

    Have you verified the battery is in good order?
  18. nluk100

    Battery replacement - Start-Stop

    Glad you got it sorted. Audi can be funny buggers at times. I read a post recently where someone fitted a new battery themselves and went to Audi to get it re-coded. They wanted £180 to re-code it! £35 yes, but £180??
  19. nluk100

    Amd tuning

    You could go revo and opt for switchable maps (if they still do them), one for 98RON and one for 95RON? Replace your plugs, PCV, dipstick and DV before you get mapped to save yourself diagnosing mis-fires and rough running post tuning. I think APR used to do switchable maps too.