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  1. pauldazzle

    Q3 Rad Fans still staying on after DPF Regen.

    Had my Q3 for a month now & I have a problem with the Rad fans running & staying on after shutting the engine down. Did a forced Regen about a week ago, & got the soot level down to 0.52 grams it was 19 grams before regen. Checked again yesterday & calculated was 12.6 grams but measured was 20.2...
  2. pauldazzle

    A5/S5 Picture Thread

    Bought this a couple of weeks ago as a Sunday/Weekend car. My 15th VAG car.
  3. pauldazzle

    Car starts then stalls [VCDS READOUT inc]

    This came off the Auizine forum. Worth a try. 1. Disconnect battery & connect leads with a jumper wire. Wait 5-10 minutes. 2. Reconnect battery, place key in ignition & initiate reprogramming sequence. 3. Sequence = turn key to "ON" position only, wait 10 seconds. Repeat 5 times. * Press the...
  4. pauldazzle

    Car starts then stalls [VCDS READOUT inc]

    Key has lost communication with the Immobilizer. This might help.!
  5. pauldazzle

    1.6 petrol - bad starting, huge flatspot, no error codes

    It's worth investing inVagcom/VCDS if you are intending to keep the car. Saved me a small fortune over the years with the many VAG cars that I've owned, & several members of this forum too. Coolant Temp Sensor has 2 seperate outputs i.e, one for the gauge & one for the ECU. It's a very common...
  6. pauldazzle

    1.6 petrol - bad starting, huge flatspot, no error codes

    Coolant temp sensor would be my 1st suspect followed the MAF sensor, & finally the camshaft position sensor. All of these can be at fault without throwing a fault code. Use genuine parts too as "buy cheap buy twice" is normal for VAG engine sensors.
  7. pauldazzle

    235/40/19 on ET26 8J - will these fit?

    IIRC correct ET/Offset for A4 B6 is 45.
  8. pauldazzle

    Strange rear light issue

    Brake pedal switch failure. Very common problem & only about £10 for a genuine part.
  9. pauldazzle


    I think they're the same, but you'd best cross reference with reg no on Eurocarparts etc.
  10. pauldazzle

    Are there any cheap remap options??

    VCDS/Vagcom is really useful, & it does many things, but you can't remap with it. I've owned 9 different VAG cars, & VCDS has paid for itself many times over.
  11. pauldazzle

    Are there any cheap remap options??

    VCDS/Vagcom can't do remapping. My remote worked fine as did the alarm just the immobiliser was disabled. I wouldn't think an A4 B6 would be much of target for a car thief.
  12. pauldazzle

    Are there any cheap remap options??

    It's not as simple as just buying a cable, you'll need specialist software plus the correct OBD2 cable to be able to flash the ECU. When I had my A4 PD 130 I bought a mapped ECU on Ebay with the immobiliser disabled which meant it was plug & play. I have VCDS so was able to enable the...
  13. pauldazzle

    Seat help

    No they won't fit.
  14. pauldazzle

    Wanted A4 B6 Avant 1.8T 2004 Limited Edition in red

    126k just about run in then.:thumbs up:
  15. pauldazzle

    Audi diesel turbo boost loss of performance

    As above, Mr Muscle trick usually works.
  16. pauldazzle

    Wheels rubbing a little

    With 45 profile tyres on your speedo will be slightly out too.
  17. pauldazzle

    Wheels rubbing a little

    235.40.18 is correct size for 18" alloys on a B6 A4. It's what I had on my A4 B6 Avant, & had no rubbing issues.
  18. pauldazzle

    A4 cabriolet losing power

    Could be many things, you need to get it read for fault codes.
  19. pauldazzle

    Wheel Speed Monitoring

    I have a 3rd party cable & a registered copy of VCDS ($99 on Ross Tech site) which I've had for about 10 years without any problems. Saved me a small fortune.:thumbs up: