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  1. Scotty

    SQ5 Question Ref Sidelights

    Sounds normal to me.
  2. Scotty

    Christmas Lights on Dashboard!

    Ahhh I read the title and was expecting to see something like this!
  3. Scotty

    Q5 8R 2011 Q5 - Water in boot around battery

    Rear wash wipe is def where I'd be looking. Does it work? I have previously read of pipes being blown off. I guess that could happen partially too also. Does the water smell of washer fluid?
  4. Scotty

    Q5 Audi Q5 2019 problem

    Sorry, I don't understand "I feel the rear hitting the rear line"
  5. Scotty

    Are Audi mad?

    On the Q5 when you order the Storage Pack you're meant to get a drivers storage compartment. It was missed on my car and has been missed from many for quite a long time. Audi UK insisted it can't be retrofitted. I took £500 total in goodwill payments, then I ordered the part for £208 and...
  6. Scotty

    For Sale Genuine Audi Puddle Lights

    Hi Rob, I'm interested in the rings. What's the date on them?
  7. Scotty

    Headlight condensation

    I have the same on my my24 Q5 and on the loaner Q5 I currently have. I don't like it but it seems par for the course and won't be resolved.
  8. Scotty

    Q5 Genuine or aftermarket side steps/running boards on 17 plate Q5

    I've seen many comments on FB (one recently) where all the comments are 'they look nice but...'. They get in the way, the make your clothes dirty, they add no functionality, etc etc. I pondered them and decided against. If I was buying them I'd go 3rd party as the choice is massive.
  9. Scotty

    Gtechniq Serum Ultra

    This has the EXO hydrophobic over the top ( plus glass, leather, interior treatments etc. Still not touched it yet despite it getting mucky up the sides.
  10. Scotty

    Gtechniq Serum Ultra

    I was told to leave it a few weeks and given the weather is so bad I've been happy to do so. I'll be following their guidance but I'll not be babying it. Its a family car and it won't always be immaculate...but when I do wash it it should come up good each and every time.
  11. Scotty

    Turning the dash scales/needle lights on and off via VCDS

    They deliberately get dimmer as the external light drops do thst the driver knows to turn on the headlights. I never had an issue. Are you using the auto setting or doing it manually to stop the lights coming on?
  12. Scotty

    Gtechniq Serum Ultra

    Just got my Q5 Sportback in Ultra Blue home after it's been away for a few days having the various protectants applied inside and out including the Serum Ultra ceramic. Only time will tell whether it is worth while but I'm happy with the first impressions
  13. Scotty

    What do you hate???

    Thanks for the reminder. I have a water softener and need to get a second outside tap for the softened water.
  14. Scotty

    What do you hate???

    Divali does seem to run on and on some years....
  15. Scotty

    Q7 Advice for my wife thinking of moving from Porsche to Audi-Q5/Q7

    Depends on the age your looking at. I've just taken delivery on a MY24 and if you want certain options then you need to get the Tech Pack Pro and that means you will get the roof. Get an 23 and that's not the case but the choice on options is much less.
  16. Scotty

    Q5 Hi from a new member a recent owner to a Audi Q5.

    I don't know as I haven't looked into it. Mine came with it in the Tech Pro bundle. I know people have added it but I'm not clear on how.
  17. Scotty

    Q5 Hi from a new member a recent owner to a Audi Q5.

    You'd be even more surprised at the MY24 spec. So much that you'd expect is an option. It's abiut £10k to get all* the option. * - all is all that we can get in the UK and that still leaves quite a lot not available. I can't help in Odb11. I have VCDS and on my MY24 I've coded the below things...
  18. Scotty

    Q5 Hi from a new member a recent owner to a Audi Q5.

    Welcome. I don't know First Edition. Could it be Edition One? I'm pretty sure signs were in an option pack. It appears it can be activated...
  19. Scotty


    I've been on the map for over 20 years but have just sold my Hex-can lead ! However since I have a new car and needed a more modern cable I've now got a Hex-V2! Yippee Unfortunately the world has changed and with it being VIN limited, I will have to charge people to cover the cost. Still in...
  20. Scotty

    Q5 Q5 dash screen settings?

    I don't know but if he doesn't lock with the plipper then try that. This use to be the way to store settings ‍♂️