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  1. tdi-man

    Abs lost coding

    Can any body help please my abs controller has lost its coding it’s all gone to 00000000 any any body help me work out what the coding is please so can get it put back in . picture of my vin as I believe it can be got from that .
  2. tdi-man

    Double din cage

    Amy body after a double din cage - 8P0 858 005 inbox me Any body after a double din cage
  3. tdi-man

    S3 intercooler fitting HELP

    pain the the bum to do front end of took me a good day in the rain ;(
  4. tdi-man

    BKD Turbo & Idle Questions

    -2.9°KW Torsion Value should be 0.00 get that sorted first
  5. tdi-man

    Changing 2.0tdi Engine mounts?

    I had all my mounts changed in the summer and the subframe mount is about of a pig to do my m8 did mine and did need to be pressed back in. sub frame didn't need to come out just dropped a little bit . I got all my mounts of ebay replaced with FEBI mounts and the ride is so much better well...
  6. tdi-man

    Audi a3 2.0 tdi 140 bhp new turbo

    hybrid turbo cost ish £600 plus fitting remap on rolling road £250 ish egr delete £60 ish Full miltek exhaust £600 ish if u want over 200 bhp then you will need a upgraded clutch to handle the extra ftlbs as bhp means nothing without the ftlbs . standard clutch should be ok at 300 ftlbs but...
  7. tdi-man

    A3 2.0 Tdi (8P) Modifications

    don't get a k&n as there contain oil just get a green panel filter will help very little.
  8. tdi-man

    A3 2.0 Tdi 140 BKD - vibration on idle

    lower idle will help change all mounts as well I have donr mine and a lot better
  9. tdi-man


    injector timing. plus rear cam timing needs to b bang on and needs to be set manualy and front cam can b set in vag com
  10. tdi-man

    Auxiliary Cabin Heater

    removed interior light fuse and warning triangle goes out after 20 30 mins so might of found the fault
  11. tdi-man

    Auxiliary Cabin Heater

    54 plate 2005
  12. tdi-man

    Auxiliary Cabin Heater

    no its pulling my hair out trying to find fault.
  13. tdi-man

    Auxiliary Cabin Heater

    no im trying to find out what the fuse controls
  14. tdi-man

    Auxiliary Cabin Heater

    any body ?
  15. tdi-man

    Auxiliary Cabin Heater

    any idea what the 80 amp fuse right of the red wire controls ? when disconnected it stops my battery drain fault
  16. tdi-man

    Battery drain

    had a battery fault for a while now and tracked it down to the aux heater circuit. if I take the 80 amp fuse out the engine bay I don't get a battery drain and the red warning triangle light goes out that would show a fault . problem is I also lose central locking what else does that fuse...
  17. tdi-man

    Auxiliary Heater element fault

    good news took the aux heater fuse out last night and battery is at 12.4 volts this morning and the red warning triangle light has gone out so looks like I need to get that element changed.
  18. tdi-man

    Auxiliary Heater element fault

    cool I have a fault some where as my warning triangle is lit up when I lock car and its pulling my hair out . didn't know if this fault could drain the battery or not ?
  19. tdi-man

    engine bay fuse box

    any body got a list of what fuses do what in the engine bay please ..Audi A3 tdi 54 plate thanks