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  1. flying oyster


    Thank you was the two bolts at back had come loose or not fitted all sorted now god this car makes me nervous when I think there’s something wrong
  2. flying oyster


    You were right as usual thank you for reply Two bolts fitted vibration gone smiling again
  3. flying oyster


    Hi I seem to have a vibration issue with my car it doesn’t affect the drive or handling and doesn’t come through the pedals it only seems present at around 70 to 80 miles an hour I’m suspecting the undertray is loose at back and flapping at speed I had a look undercar and looks like there’s is...
  4. flying oyster

    Hate it love or loathe it

    Discs and pads is first on the list this month Then arb and springs next month I think The badges can stay for now but sound advice
  5. flying oyster

    Hate it love or loathe it

    New coolant bottle cap fitted after pressure tests problem solved
  6. flying oyster

    Hate it love or loathe it

    well I’ve had the car nearly a month now Love the power enjoy my spirited drive to work and back everyday and suprisingly It’s not costing me a lot more over my allroad In fuel but the only thing has let me down so far is the brakes and I’m gong to rectify that next week and order a set of...
  7. flying oyster

    RS3 Discussion Thread

    Did you lower yours on the end on springs I wondered who you went for eibach or Hr ? In the end
  8. flying oyster


    Looks great thank you
  9. flying oyster


    Hi all just got my rs3 and I’m delighted with it would like to drop it around 40 mm I would think on springs and fit the rear arb for starters any other little mods worth doing apart from remap any tips much appreciated
  10. flying oyster

    Top Mounts replaced with pics

    Thank you sir
  11. flying oyster

    Top Mounts replaced with pics

    Hi did you have a part number for these please as I'm just in process of having top mounts changed
  12. flying oyster

    Spotters thread for A3/S3 8L chassis

    You should hear your old one with the screamer pipe on it
  13. flying oyster

    polytek engine mounts

    I changed to polytek mounts about 4months ago everything rattles now including my fillings !!
  14. flying oyster

    replacement turbo

    Exciting times dude looking forward to mine
  15. flying oyster

    What have you done today?

    ;)fitted brake pads ordered a K418t
  16. flying oyster

    XS - Power Relentless X - Pro 4 Fitting and test

    We had to move my engine mounts a bit to fit mine in end then found out they were shot all lined up ok in the end had it on for a fair few months
  17. flying oyster

    XS - Power Relentless X - Pro 4 Fitting and test

    Good write up wish that was around when my m8 did mine nice work
  18. flying oyster

    Engine Mounts

    Loving my homemade mounts the car feels so planted and I get off on the vibration at the traffic lights I actually enjoy getting stuck at the lights oooh
  19. flying oyster

    Cam belt time? . . Use new engine mount bolts!!!

    is there a part number for these bolts my local audi said there 5 variables really need to fit fit my new mounts