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  1. whinfs

    permanent live 12v socket changed to switched live

    the 12v socket between the front seat on my A3 is permanently live. i want it to be switched. I read that the newer A3's can have the position of the fuse moved to change between switched and permanent. can this be done on my 8P sportback? (when i say moved i mean unplug the fuse and plug it...
  2. whinfs

    forward thinking - winter wheels

    hello so i know its coming up to summer, but I live in Barnsley and it seems to have its own weather system here, so bad weather is always just round the corner.... i currently have 18" alloys running 225/40 zr18 rubber. I have in my garage a set of used once winter tyres which are 205/55 r16...
  3. whinfs

    radio reception problems - i'm out of ideas

    Hi people I have a '57 plate A3 S-line with double din concert, bluetooth module, mfsw etc. Radios been fine for the 10months ive owned months, then suddenly the radio reception went bad. as i drive around the the reception fades in and out being replaced with 'shushing' noise. I previously...
  4. whinfs

    weird noise in boot

    evening ive a weird buzzing noise in my boot when the headlights are on! if i turn the lights off the buzzing noise disappears. it somewhere behind the right light, behind the inner boot trim. any ideas what it could be?!? its a 57 plate a3 s-line sportback
  5. whinfs

    ViseeO Tune2Air with my ipod connection

    Evening. Ive a '57 plate A3 with the concert headunit. in the glovebox is a built in 30pin ipod connector. i have a cable plugged into it and run to the centre console where i plugged by iphone 4s in. The bluetooth module auto connects so i can make/take calls while driving. Ive just got an...
  6. whinfs

    Heated mirrors issue (after searching forum) help please

    02 1.9TDi SE quattro Evening. after the recent cold weather i've realised my mirrors arent heated - not impressed. so, i searched the forum wondering if anyone had upgraded - I find messages that say the wiring is there and it works with the heated rear window, so i pop the passenger mirror...
  7. whinfs

    aircon specialist in barnsley??

    hi can anyone recommend someone who can sort my aircon out in barnsley? a specialist, not just someone like kwikfit cheers
  8. whinfs

    screen wash leak

    hello :icon_thumright: B6 A4 1.9 tdi. i fill my screen wash up, next day an inch has disappeared. next day its down to the bottom of the visible bottom. are there any known reasons for the leak? am i right in thinking the bottle is split in 2 so could be leaking from the joint? incidentally...
  9. whinfs

    G65 wiring test

    Evening ECON light permanently on. I went to have my a/c regassed at a local auto elec. he informed me there was a fault with the pressure sensor and i would have to return another day to leave the car to have the wiring to the sensor checked, new sensor fitted and regassed for £200. ouch. ive...
  10. whinfs


    can i upload a pic for my avatar?
  11. whinfs

    B6 A4 - dash lights permanently on? needle sweep? are they possible with VCDS?

    hi does a B6 have the capability of needle sweep and can it be switched on with vcds? also, is it possible to make the dash lights permanently on with vcds? the needles light up all the time. when driving through the nearby woods i can't see the dials, just bright needles i'd be happy to buy...
  12. whinfs

    is my a4 quattro haldex or torsen?

    hi ive been looking round trying to find info on my 2002 A4 B6 1.9TDI quattro. i thought all quattros were the haldex system but now i find theres a torsen system too, but I can't find which version mine is. can anyone tell me haldex or torsen? i also thought it was a permanent 4wd but im...
  13. whinfs

    A4 quattro maintenance manual?

    evening is there a maintenance/service manual to cover the A4's quattro bits? im wondering what else needs servicing which isnt covered by the red haynes manual. cheers
  14. whinfs

    wires in centre console behind handbrake

    hi i was taking the rear ashtray out of my '02 A4 SE saloon and noticed some wires and plugs in there (see attached pic) can anyone tell me what they're for???
  15. whinfs

    buttons on symphony II

    Hello ive just got an a4 with the symphony II headunit. All of the cars user guides come with it apart from the symphony one. can anyone tell me what these buttons are for: RDS TP TI also, what are the options under the MENU button for? these really dont make sense one more question - does...
  16. whinfs


    hello ive just joined, and wanted to say 'hi' i'm in barnsley and i'm on the brink of getting an '02 A4 1.9tdi quattro. im just waiting for the seller to fix a few issues. i'm really chomping at the bit to get it now - hopefully tomorrow. cheers