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    Help with heated seats wiring (kurfatec)

    Hi I have just fitted front and rear heated seats from an s3 to my 2006 8p using kurfatec, just wired it all in using there instructions and i have a problem where the heater controls control the wrong sides (passenger side controls operate drivers and vice versa) I havent had it on vag com im...
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    My concert stereo will not come out

    Hi I rescently bought my a3 iv only ever taken it out twice where the right hand removal tool doesnt want to catch to anything it did this last time but evdntually came out, iv tried everything this tym and it will not budge, is there any way to get access to the bckk without ripping it out...
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    Running veggie oil on ma 2001 tdi non pd

    Hi As above, just wandering if its safe. To run veggie oil without any modifications to the fuel system, looking to only run a 3 part diesel to 2 part veggie just to bring ma bill down. Any info appreciated Thanks in advance
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    Tools for changing timing belt

    Hi Im going to attemp to change the timing belt, on my 1.9 tdi, i have seen it done before. What i need to no is where can i buy the remove/replacement tools (ie, camshaft locking, pump locking and tensioner tool) Thanks in advance
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    Wiring a sub, where to connect high line input

    Hi As above, im wiring sub that doesnt use rca's, so im wandering which wires in the back of the head unit i connect to, as far as i can see it doesnt llok like standard iso cables it has extra so i assume the extra is for the sub, so where do i connect it? Thanks in advance
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    How do you remove the rear, side window??

    Hi sum twat has thrown a snowball and cracked the rear passanger window, its a 3 door and im struggling to remove it, i have taken the hex bolt off and cant see how it comes from the otherside, any help??
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    18" RS4 alloys on a 2001 a3, rubbing on coilovers grrr...

    Hi as above i have rescently referbed some old style rs4 reps which fitted fine before fitting the coilovers, Tyre size : 225/40/R18 ET45 The obvious soloution is fitting spacers or new rims, the latter is just not feasable with the amount of money spent on referbing the rims so i am...