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    Hello again

    I have not posted on here in nearly 5 years, i used to have an 8p s3 which i loved but a change in careers and fortunes meant it was sold. I ended up joining the motor trade starting with Ford, moving to BMW and now with Audi where i have worked since Novemeber. Anyway they do quite a good...
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    18" Black Oz Ultraleggera. s3 8l fitment for sale/swap

    Set of four 18" Black OZ Ultraleggera wheels for sale 2 x Almost new federal tyres and 2 x Parada spec 2's with approx 3mm of tread left. The wheels are all straight and true however due to light curbing could probably do with a refurb. Looking for £400 or will consider a swap with a set of...
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    Used Evoms and H and R springs for the s3, whats it worth????

    As above i have now parted with the s3 so have an evoms with heatshield and H and R springs for sale, any ideas what i should be asking? Both done about 5,000 miles in excellent condition.
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    How many people with stage 2 s3? Or running more than 350bhp

    Just wondering how many (i know a fair few are running fuel pump,tbe,intake and software upgrades) are doing this and how reliable its been. Having a little debate on CTRO and they find it hard to believe that the engine will run a reliable 360 bhp with no internal upgrades. Im aware the clutch...
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    Harrogate Audi - Top service again

    As always received excellent service from these guys. My glovebox lid broke - replaced free, creaking door surround - new sill free, cambelt squeeking on start - replaced free. Car is on 38k aswell !!!!! Happy days is im putting it up for sale so should give the owner peace of mind.
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    Sprint Blue s3 with mtm rims,hand car wash,adel

    Saw you last week, i was in the r32 in front of you.
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    Autotech Fuel pump finally!!!

    By all accounts these have been thin on the ground, popped into Statller today with a friend to get his LCR remapped. Sods law as when i had the cash laying around i couldnt find the uprated pump for love nor money but today steve jnr told me they had 4 in stock so i thought it would be rude not...
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    Misfire Help!!

    My s3 has suddenly developed what i can only describe as a misfire, if i build the revs very slow then it seem ok and revs pretty freely in neutral. The problem is if i want to accelerate or drive fairly quickly. Power is lost and the car judders, i can also hear chattering as though i was...
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    Running staggered wheels on an s3

    Is it possible to run wider rear wheels on the s3? I heard that it may cause problems with the haldex if you do. I know that a few guys are running wider rear spacers which is in essence the same. Thanks
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    Awesome gti RR day

    I attended the R32 oc RR event today, i have never put my s3 on the rollers and managed 275.83 and 317.89 ib/ft of torque at the wheels. Now i know these things arent the most accurate but as a guide what kind of power would i be looking at at the fly? The only engine mods i have are the...
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    New car ideas?

    Pretty much decided that the s3 will be gone by the summer and im looking for its replacement with the following cars shortlisted. 996 Turbo (modded) e90 m3 coupe (white) rs4 (bottom of list as getting a bit long in the tooth) e46 m3 csl (same reason as rs4) sl55 My budget is around...
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    Spacers?? Yay or Nay

    I have decided to fit coilovers to my s3 however im unsure if i should go for spacers. I had spacers on a previous car and didnt like the vibrations i felt through the wheel as a result. Have you guys with spacers experienced any problems? Also if you could post pics with and without...
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    335i owners speak now!!

    I know a few owners have switched to the 335i and vice versa, i was just after some opinions as to how the compare with the s3 in terms of performance (std and modded), reliability, servicing costs etc etc. Thanks
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    i pod connection

    Im no good with gadgets so bear with me, i have the Audi i pod connection in the glove box and the standard Audi DVD nav. How do i play music from my ipod? It shows the Audi symbol when connected and it just seems to play one track, it wont let me skip or anything? Also it seems to come lose...
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    Rolling Road day????

    Anybody interested in organising or attending one during December at somewhere like Awesome GTI? I didnt get to attend the last one but just seing if anybody fancies it????? Cheers
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    Post pics of your modded s3's

    As the title says pics of some modded s3's even if they are just lowered or have different rims etc.
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    Anybody fitted Recaro cs seats?

    Just wondering if anybody has fitted these to there Audi? Do you retain the heated seat? Also how much would the standard s3 front seats be worth? Thanks
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    ecu reflashed-GIAC software lost

    As per the title has anybody else had the same thing happen? Am i right in thinking that its just a case of taking it back to get reloaded or would i have to pay again? Thanks
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    Great Service- Leeds

    I took my car down to Leeds Audi is it had a bit of a flat spot which they couldnt find however they did inform me that the steering rack needs replacing and they have ordered the part in for me already and valeted the car. Makes a change!!! The only drawback is they have a sprint blue rs4...
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    Miltek catback gains

    Are they any gains with the miltek catback or isnt only really worth going for a turboback system?